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UK GNer? Test out Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion

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AbbiCGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 29-Jul-19 11:55:29

Recruitment has now closed

Balneum are looking for UK Gransnet users to try the new Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion. Selected testers will be asked to test the product on their own skin themselves.
Please familiarise yourself with the ingredients of the product Balneum dry skin and itch relief Lotion to avoid any allergic reactions.

Here’s what Balneum has to say: “Created from soothing active ingredients such as urea and laureth-6.5, our dry skin and itch relief Lotion reduces irritation and locks moisture back into the skin. Easily absorbed, it’s proven to relieve the itch and is suitable for use with eczema and psoriasis prone skin.”

A bit more about Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion:
· An easily absorbed lotion that is specially formulated to hydrate and soothe dry and itchy skin
Suitable for large areas of skin, or when a lighter moisturiser is preferred· Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and smooth thanks to the replacement of much-needed oils and locking moisture into the skin
· Relieves itchy skin, this lotion is also suitable for use with eczema and psoriasis prone skin

If you’d like to see allergy and ingredient information, please click here.

All selected testers will be required to leave feedback on what they thought of Balneum dry skin and itch relief Lotion on a thread on Gransnet and by filling out a short survey.

Please click here to sign up.

Testers will also be encouraged to leave feedback on the Amazon page for this product. Everyone who completes the required sets of feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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Charleygirl5 Mon 29-Jul-19 13:46:39

I filled it in but at the end there was nowhere to send it so all I could do was press exit which I do not think was correct.

AbbiCGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 29-Jul-19 14:24:56

Hi @charleygirl5, sorry to hear. Would you mind filling it out again please? There should be a 'Done' button at the end of the page which you need to click to submit. Please let me know if you experience any further issues and apologies for any inconvenience - thanks!

Charleygirl5 Mon 29-Jul-19 14:50:08

Sorry, Abbi, no joy. Just a blank page after I had finished. no "done".

Nortsat46 Mon 29-Jul-19 14:57:41

Hi, just to advise, I have successfully completed and submitted. ?

Liz46 Mon 29-Jul-19 15:03:25

It worked easily for me too.

Grannyknot Mon 29-Jul-19 15:18:21

I've successfully completed the survey.

Charleygirl5 Mon 29-Jul-19 16:16:25

I did the 3rd time. There was obviously a problem because the last time there were more questions so tech must have sorted it out.

Kittyme1 Mon 29-Jul-19 20:02:12

Duly completed and submitted successfully.

grandma60 Mon 29-Jul-19 21:14:51

Completed and submitted successfully

downtoearth Tue 30-Jul-19 07:00:22

Completed sucessfully

glammanana Wed 31-Jul-19 13:24:30

All done no problems.

Lorelei Wed 31-Jul-19 21:01:55

Completed the survey form and hoping to be selected as my skin has been dry & itchy for years - I'd love to find a product that helps give some relief & feels nice.

Hellsbelles Thu 01-Aug-19 10:59:33

Hoping I get lucky to trial this.

libra10 Thu 01-Aug-19 13:57:45

Have just completed the survey, hope Balneum works for me. Thank you

Lotie Thu 01-Aug-19 15:39:25

Completed successfully.

fourormore Thu 01-Aug-19 22:13:29

Completed successfully with no problems. My only concern is being asked for my mobile number as due to many commitments my mobile is rarely switched on or on 'silent' but voicemails can be left. Hope this would be acceptable.

Silvergran59 Fri 02-Aug-19 06:34:26


cookiemonster66 Fri 02-Aug-19 09:50:39

I hope I get chosen, all the females in our family are affected by dry itchy skin going through four generations now. I would love to find a solution to help us all.

baz1602 Fri 02-Aug-19 09:54:46

My wife is suffering from some sort of rash on her chest and neck.. She has tried everything the pharmacist and the doctor's have given her but she still wakes up in the night with an itch

Dannydog1 Fri 02-Aug-19 10:05:24

Done - hope I get chosen

inishowen Fri 02-Aug-19 16:43:52

All done and filled in with no problems.

PamelaJ1 Fri 02-Aug-19 17:48:52

I have psoriasis and would like to try the cream but it’s got palm oil in it.☹️

Johm4 Sat 03-Aug-19 11:41:57

Would love to try this to see if it can soothe the dry, itchy skin on my back (had no success with E-40).

dragonfly46 Sat 03-Aug-19 11:55:08

I am shortly to have radiotherapy so wonder how good it will be for this.