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UK GNer? Test out Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion

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AbbiCGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 29-Jul-19 11:55:29

Recruitment has now closed

Balneum are looking for UK Gransnet users to try the new Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion. Selected testers will be asked to test the product on their own skin themselves.
Please familiarise yourself with the ingredients of the product Balneum dry skin and itch relief Lotion to avoid any allergic reactions.

Here’s what Balneum has to say: “Created from soothing active ingredients such as urea and laureth-6.5, our dry skin and itch relief Lotion reduces irritation and locks moisture back into the skin. Easily absorbed, it’s proven to relieve the itch and is suitable for use with eczema and psoriasis prone skin.”

A bit more about Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion:
· An easily absorbed lotion that is specially formulated to hydrate and soothe dry and itchy skin
Suitable for large areas of skin, or when a lighter moisturiser is preferred· Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and smooth thanks to the replacement of much-needed oils and locking moisture into the skin
· Relieves itchy skin, this lotion is also suitable for use with eczema and psoriasis prone skin

If you’d like to see allergy and ingredient information, please click here.

All selected testers will be required to leave feedback on what they thought of Balneum dry skin and itch relief Lotion on a thread on Gransnet and by filling out a short survey.

Please click here to sign up.

Testers will also be encouraged to leave feedback on the Amazon page for this product. Everyone who completes the required sets of feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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trisher Tue 01-Oct-19 10:40:54

Hooray!!! Mine has just arrived. Will.try out now.

Charleygirl5 Tue 01-Oct-19 10:47:38

You are one of the lucky ones- maybe this is the start of the deliveries.

fizzers Tue 01-Oct-19 10:55:50

I'm still waiting for mine

Grannyknot Tue 01-Oct-19 11:50:01

I'm also still waiting.

Ngaio1 Tue 01-Oct-19 11:57:10

I received mine today and shall report back!

glammanana Tue 01-Oct-19 12:13:47

My parcel arrived to-day I shall start using it and record my thoughts on it for the feedback when requested.

Amagran Tue 01-Oct-19 12:17:37

Still waiting....

Rufus2 Tue 01-Oct-19 12:33:20

You could strike a match on my shins!
Chewbacca; Can you create fire by rubbing your legs together! grin
This sounds good so I'm off to see if it's available here or possibly a look-alike. could be a boon in our hot dry season. Dr Google might know. From what I've heard the Urea has valuable properties so here goes!

MiniMoon Tue 01-Oct-19 12:34:15

My Balneum sample arrived this morning.
I've not been putting anything on my skin while I've been waiting.
Relief at last, at least I hope for relief.

Rufus2 Tue 01-Oct-19 12:53:52

see if it's available here
Of course it is! Not expensive, although postage bumps up the price of course. Hope to report some good results in due course.

Liz46 Tue 01-Oct-19 12:56:19

Mine has just arrived thank you.

Bellanonna Tue 01-Oct-19 13:13:39

Mine too!

Gagagran Tue 01-Oct-19 14:14:15

Mine has come too. Will report back when asked.

Pittcity Tue 01-Oct-19 14:30:39

Mine arrived this morning too.

travelsafar Tue 01-Oct-19 16:45:53

Fingers crossed mine will arrive

Grannyjacq1 Tue 01-Oct-19 19:40:08

Mine arrived today = very excited about trying it out. I can't remember exactly what we had to do after receiving it - was it just to post a review on Amazon, or was there also a survey to fill in?

Chewbacca Tue 01-Oct-19 19:52:35

Mine arrived today, thank you! Supple skin shins to look forward to.

Marydoll Tue 01-Oct-19 19:56:07

Received mine today.

Harris27 Tue 01-Oct-19 19:58:39

I’ve got a missed parcel will have to see about it tomorrow bet it’s that!

Esspee Tue 01-Oct-19 20:09:18

Received mine today, had given up to tell the truth.

chelseababy Tue 01-Oct-19 20:23:20

Got mine today - thought it was a birthday present (It's my birthday) so was a little disappointed - but it could turn out to be the best present yet!

cornergran Tue 01-Oct-19 20:30:28

Mine arrived today - just. The postman banged on the door to show us the padded envelope was open and the box crushed. The container looks OK so will begin trying it tomorrow. Has forgotten all about it.

cathisherwood Wed 02-Oct-19 08:58:05

I just received the empty box and an unsealed envelope - contents had escaped en route - very disappointing!

Grannyknot Wed 02-Oct-19 13:59:16

Mine arrived today (and cathiswerwood the envelope was open! - as if the glue hadn't worked) but the content were intact.

I was straight into it and so far I'm impressed with the fact that it quickly disappears, is not sticky, and has no perfume.

So far, so good smile am looking forward to the trial.

Grannyknot Wed 02-Oct-19 13:59:37

Contents ...