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UK GNer? Take this survey - £100 voucher to be won - NOW CLOSED

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AbbiCGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 24-Sep-19 12:11:57

This survey is now closed.

We'd like to find out more about your food and fitness habits, including exercise routines and how your body may have changed or not changed as a result of getting older.

Warning - this survey has content about eating disorders that some users may find distressing.

This survey is open to all UK Gransnet users over 50.

All who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw where one GNer will win a £100 voucher for the store of their choice.

Click here to complete the survey.

Thanks and good luck!


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Rabbit Tue 24-Sep-19 15:55:35

Since developing menopausal symptoms at 50, I find that keeping weight off my waistline has become more difficult. I try exercising at any time of the day, anywhere & everywhere (doing pelvic floor squeezes discreetly at traffic lights & yoga deep breathing when queuing in a shop/bank); rolling feet from heels to toes & pushing off the ground when out walking; taking longer routes through a park to a public library, thus enjoying nature, going an extra mile & avoiding traffic pollution on the High Street; and stretching leg muscles while waiting for a kettle to boil. The list is endless. I try to make exercise non-routine & interesting. In good weather, I practice tai chi & mindfulness in my back garden. As for food, I have to make more effort not to eat after 7.30 pm & avoid carbohydrates in the evening. I would be grateful for any tips on how to loose weight without getting bored, frustrated, hungry & grumpy, and stay positive, cheerful & happy.

BBbevan Tue 24-Sep-19 18:26:17


dahlia08 Wed 25-Sep-19 10:52:04

I try to go for walks when I can,,,few times a week ,,the famous 10,000 steps.i think I eat healthily, cooking from scratch, avoid fats from meat, eat less sugar and carb. Eat porridge/ shredded wheat, and lots of fruit. Try skipping on and off. I don’t loose weight easily, I am stable.

Kittyme1 Wed 25-Sep-19 11:05:28

Survey completed. Don't follow any diets opt for a combination of healthy eating and exercise.

libra10 Wed 25-Sep-19 11:12:27

All done!

Cambia Wed 25-Sep-19 11:13:32

Survey done. Been underweight this year after being ill so have concentrated on eating healthily and exercising to get strong again. Do yoga twice a week, Couch to 5k (now at week 8 and it doesn’t seem any easier!) and walk a lot. Only downfall is my wine. If I die early I shall come back and complain!

ElaineGran Wed 25-Sep-19 11:53:21

Done the survey, very interesting. I walk a mile each day, go to a gym and swim once a week. I drink lots of water and try to eat he althily. My main problem area is my tummy, needs toning and excess fat, blame this on the menopause and hormones.

wallers5 Wed 25-Sep-19 12:04:30

I am 77 now & do Pilates once a week. I walk on Dartmoor every day & try & do some stretches most days. I wild swim in the Dartmoor rivers when it is hot! As the water is cold. I cook every day & find it hard to slim. My hips have widened & tummy too. I take a Probiotic tablet daily because I don’t eat enough fibre but am working on it.

namo Wed 25-Sep-19 12:21:31

GRANSNET HQ. Question 12 has to have an answer but there was no option to answer Not Applicable. So I was forced to give an answer even though it wasn’t true. It was the only way to be able to move on.

Brownflopsy Wed 25-Sep-19 12:23:19

There are some follow-up questions on this survey that still require an answer, even if you have given a negative response to the previous question - eg. If you have answered that you do not have any grandchildren, it still requires an answer in the following "age of grandchildren" question.

This is going to impact your results, as you cannot move on until you have provided a meaningless answer to the follow up question.

Sorry to be picky Gransnet - former psychologist here! It is pretty annoying too.

Charleygirl5 Wed 25-Sep-19 13:00:35

I totally agree with namo and Brownflopsy.

grannydarkhair Wed 25-Sep-19 14:13:40

Also agree with namo, etc. Questions not well thought out. Should be more space for one to write individual answers.

AbbiCGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 25-Sep-19 15:32:08

Hi all, thanks for your feedback - we have taken this on board!

Jacqi Wed 25-Sep-19 17:26:08

Did the survey, but need to say that since being in the UK, I have found that they put too much sugar or salt n the produce (from supermarkets to artisan producers even) and with me it has resulted in loosing my smell and taste. This of cause may come back once we are in a situation that I can cook and bake myself, but at present we can't. However producer of food products nowadays have no excuse to put that much sugar, salt in products to the point that you can't even taste anything else

cathisherwood Thu 26-Sep-19 09:16:38


Grannyknot Thu 26-Sep-19 18:20:11

I've completed the survey. Just one comment - when it came to the question about exercise classes e.g. in a gym, there wasn't an option for what I do, which is I attend an outdoor exercise group in a local park (year round!) where we do cardio and core. It is run by a local qualified personal trainer and it is the most enjoyable exercise I have ever done. I love that it is outdoors.

I say year round - last winter the group cancelled twice, once due to torrential rain and another time due to snow. Sometimes we do get wet!

Lindak Sun 29-Sep-19 10:01:19

Since reaching 50 I have increased in 2 bra sizes.I have found this to be very annoying.No matter how much exercise I do or any amount of healthy eating I try nothing seems to make any difference.I have recently taken up Zumba and this seems to be helping slowly.

M0nica Mon 30-Sep-19 00:07:52

Once again I got stuck with unanswereble questions that stopped me proceeding.

How many times have I dieted. I simply haven't a clue. I couldn't even hazard a guess. There wasn't a 'Don't know' option

How long does a diet last on average Once again I haven't a clue and there was no 'Don't know^ option

^If you have been on a diet since 50 How did it work. Assumes that any you tried all worked or all didn't. Answers do not allow for one type not working and another type working. I found cutting calories no longer worked, but the 5:2 did.

I was then stuck and was not allowed to progress any,further. As Namo says I could, of course have made up some answers but that would undermine the value of the survey.

wolves36 Tue 01-Oct-19 13:17:17

Completed survey.. get a dog or borrow a friends to walk daily, ideal way to meet other people & get out in fresh air.
I also do dog agility great fun , helps you bond with your dog 7&both keep relatively fit ..Just remember to wear your tena ladies!

caz001 Fri 04-Oct-19 10:39:17

been on Slimming world and stayed for the group discussion each week, that is what as helped my loss weight and understanding healthy eating.

inishowen Fri 04-Oct-19 10:53:57

I've spent a fortune on slimming clubs over the years. Yes I lose weight then I put it on again, and more.

libra10 Fri 04-Oct-19 11:17:12

All done

dahlia08 Fri 04-Oct-19 11:44:33

Been with slim world some time ago. Lost few pounds.. I am older and health wise...lots of aches and pains and taking medicine for other causes but I am doing some walksfew days a week and couple of days school run. My grandsons keep me on the go and so managed to make the ‘10,000 steps’ most of the time. Eat fats, less bread and sweet cake. Have porridge/shredded wheat for breakfast. But unfortunately not loosing much wight. Hope!

Proseccomimama Fri 04-Oct-19 14:08:01