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Female GNer in the UK? Take this survey - NOW CLOSED

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LucyBGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 08-Oct-19 12:17:06

This survey is now closed

GNHQ & MNHQ want to find out more about women's experience of the peri-menopause, the menopause and the post-menopausal period, as well as women's thoughts around the topic if you are yet to experience it.

This survey is open to all female Gransnet and Mumsnet users who live in the UK. All who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw where one GNer or MNer will win a £100 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Please click here to complete the survey

Thanks and good luck!

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Luckygirl Tue 08-Oct-19 12:32:14

"My doctor diagnosed ant-depressants" - what the heck does that mean? Do they mean prescribed?

SueDonim Tue 08-Oct-19 12:39:09


glammanana Tue 08-Oct-19 13:20:33


MiniMoon Tue 08-Oct-19 14:10:46


EllanVannin Tue 08-Oct-19 15:10:36


Scribbles Tue 08-Oct-19 15:37:43


phoenix Tue 08-Oct-19 17:32:03

Done, but not a very well thought out survey, IMO.

Greenfinch Tue 08-Oct-19 17:48:59

Done but difficult to make a generalised comment on all GPs.

quizqueen Wed 09-Oct-19 02:13:31

Didn't ask about women, like me, who sailed through the menopause - mid forties-with no problems at all and never took any drugs. I was glad to see the back of periods so early, lucky me.

Peachy1966 Wed 09-Oct-19 13:26:21

Done my gp was good

caz001 Thu 10-Oct-19 10:02:37

Survey completed...

greenfinger5 Thu 10-Oct-19 10:11:10

All done.

burwellmum Thu 10-Oct-19 10:15:43

I have to be honest I found some of the questions difficult to answer as I did not have very significant symptoms but the brain-fog and memory problems continue so it is difficult to say how long the menopause lasted/how far I'm past it as I don't yet know whether this is a permanent change or will eventually improve.

SuperMum1 Thu 10-Oct-19 10:25:46

Done thank you.

cookiemonster66 Thu 10-Oct-19 11:18:20


cookiemonster66 Thu 10-Oct-19 11:20:06

I found the worst thing was GP's making you feel guilty for asking for repeat prescriptions of HRT, I got so fed up of being told 'shouldnt you be off those by now' being given reams of print outs about risks, I just went cold turkey off HRT as I could not stand the stress of getting repeat prescriptions

libra10 Thu 10-Oct-19 11:32:01

All done

Jacqi Thu 10-Oct-19 13:25:07

All done, Doctors need to find a better way to deal with menopause then to just making it easy on them and putting you on anti depressants, which doesn't help, makes you worse with other symptoms, and doesn't even get rid of your problem. It is worse than giving patients paracetamol by the box full, but this just seems to happen more and more in the UK...treat the symptoms not the cause.... Hence just causing more problems and extreme pain for the patients they are supposed to be making better.....

sharon103 Thu 10-Oct-19 13:48:27


essjay Thu 10-Oct-19 16:05:40

completed. didn't account for people going through menopause after hysterectomy. have now got wonderful (female) GP who has helped so much

MountainAsh Thu 10-Oct-19 19:02:41

Survey completed. I was one of the lucky ones. My employer was brilliant. GP was amazing

Proseccomimama Fri 11-Oct-19 13:35:30


Ellie666 Fri 11-Oct-19 22:07:45

All done and agree with some of the previous panelists, some of the questions a bit difficult to answer

Kittyme1 Fri 11-Oct-19 22:50:37