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Read GNer feedback on Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion

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JustineBGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 11-Oct-19 14:17:42

This is the feedback thread for the Gransnet users who have been testing the new Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion.

Here’s what Balneum has to say: “Created from soothing active ingredients such as urea and laureth-6.5, our dry skin and itch relief Lotion reduces irritation and locks moisture back into the skin. Easily absorbed, it’s proven to relieve the itch and is suitable for use with eczema and psoriasis prone skin.”

A bit more about Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion:
- An easily absorbed lotion that is specially formulated to hydrate and soothe dry and itchy skin
- Suitable for large areas of skin, or when a lighter moisturiser is preferred
- Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and smooth thanks to the replacement of much-needed oils and locking moisture into the skin
- Relieves itchy skin, this lotion is also suitable for use with eczema and psoriasis prone skin

If you’d like to see allergy and ingredient information, please click here.

Testers, please give your feedback by answering the below questions, as well as completing the short survey we’ve emailed to you:

1. How satisfied were you with Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion?
2. Did Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion improve your skin's condition? Were there any parts of the body you felt it worked best on?
3. Will you continue using Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion following this test?
4. Would you recommend Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion?

All testers who leave their feedback on both the thread and the survey will be entered into a prize draw where one GNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Balneum would also like it if you could leave feedback on the Amazon page for this product.

Thanks and good luck!


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Pudding123 Fri 11-Oct-19 14:24:25

I was very pleased with this product,the skin on my shins was very dry and could be quite itchy despite my using a variety of creams.Ba!beum was the best I have tried it was a nice texture and was easy to apply it made my skin very comfortable and I will buy this product when I have used this,I have also recommended this to my sister.

glammanana Fri 11-Oct-19 14:39:40

Thank you for the opportunity to try this product.
Please find my response to the questions asked.
1) Very satisfied Balneum lotion very impressed with the improvement to my skin.
2) I used Balneum mainly on my legs concentrating on my shins which tend to get very dry and itchy,over 2/3 weeks the skin is much more supple with less itching.
3) I am certainly going to continue using Balneum lotion in the future applying after showering daily.
4) I have already recommended this product to a family member who has just started using the lotion I will continue to recommend.
Thanks again for the trial.

cornergran Fri 11-Oct-19 15:10:58

I’m another who is very pleased to have been given the opportunity to try Balneum.

1. I’m very satisfied with this lotion.

2. I’ve used the lotion on arms, legs, chest and back. It is very effective on particularly dry skin on my legs. It has also softened a very dry patch left by an oven burn on my hand.

3. Yes, I will continue to use Balneum. I appreciate the lack of perfume as I dislike the smell of my usual lotion

4. Yes, definitely recommend it.

Charleygirl5 Fri 11-Oct-19 15:31:51

I also like this lotion and the fact it is easy to apply and is odour free are bonuses.

I applied a fair amount to one specific area, gave it time to soak in and for me, this made a big difference. This is the only lotion which, if I looked at my shin an hour later would show that area had been moisturised.

Unfortunately, nothing will totally cure this post-operative problem, mainly because there are circulatory as well as lymphatic problems also. It also helped remove the itch and I will buy again.

I would definitely recommend it and for me, there were no negatives.

quizqueen Fri 11-Oct-19 15:45:11

The lotion is pleasant with no added scent, which I like. It's easy to apply, absorbs well with no greasy residue and I have been using it on dry areas like elbows, lower legs, which itch sometimes, and feet and also to my scar from a knee replacement operation.

I can't say it is any better or worse than anything I've tried already. It does remind me of something old ladies use but, as I'm approaching 67, I suppose I should put myself in that category now, but my mind certainly isn't.

Personally, I prefer to use something with more of a creamy texture rather than a runny liquid as I have spilt some of this product on my bed linen, as that is where I sit to apply it after showering.

wildswan16 Fri 11-Oct-19 15:58:17

1. How satisfied were you with Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion?
Overall, very satisfied. It could perhaps be a tiny bit less runny. Although it made it very easy to apply it also meant it "ran" before I managed to massage it in.

2. Did Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion improve your skin's condition? Were there any parts of the body you felt it worked best on?
I only have extensive dermatitis on one shin. It worked well to keep it moisturised and helped to calm down any itching. I only needed to apply it once a day, rather than twice with my previous product.

3. Will you continue using Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion following this test?
I will certainly consider continuing to use it (dependent on price). A small amount covered a large area.

4. Would you recommend Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion?
I would recommend people give it a try.

MiniMoon Fri 11-Oct-19 16:21:39

I found the Balneum lotion effective in my dry skin.
I used it on my legs and arms. It cleared up the patches of eczema on both of my wrists, and stopped the itch quite quickly.
The lotion is quite runny, but it was quickly absorbed.
I liked it, and would continue using it, provided that it is competitively priced.
I will definitely recommend it to others.

Pittcity Fri 11-Oct-19 16:25:25

1. How satisfied were you with Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion?
I am very satisfied.

2. Did Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion improve your skin's condition? Were there any parts of the body you felt it worked best on?
My skin has been getting drier since menopause. I have been using the cream on my arms, hands, legs and feet and have noticed an improvement. I find that I only need a small amount once a day after showering rather than slathering myself several times a day. After using for a while my skin is silkier even before application.
DH has eczema and he has used the cream in the creases of his knees and elbows. He has had some improvement and less itching.

3. Will you continue using Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion following this test?
It is £10.99 a bottle, but you only need a small amount, so I think it is economical enough to continue using.

4. Would you recommend Balneum Dry Skin and Itch Relief Lotion?
I would recommend it as an effective moisturiser.

Pittcity Fri 11-Oct-19 16:29:25

I have not been able to leave an Amazon review as I am "not a Verified Purchaser".

Gagagran Fri 11-Oct-19 16:43:57

Like others I like the free from scent and I also like the style of bottle it comes in.

However, I prefer a cream rather than a lotion, which this is - and quite a thin lotion at that. I used it on my hands, arms, and lower legs but did not find it any better than the other products I use normally.

I will not buy it after using up the sample provided and would not especially suggest it to others as we all have different skin types and different creams suit different people. I use another product which I would recommend in preference to this one.

Grannyknot Fri 11-Oct-19 18:37:06

1. Very satisfied.
2. Yes, definitely. The skin on my arms and legs.
3. Yes I will.
4. Yes, I recommended that my husband use it on his dry elbows and he has noticed a difference after a week of using the lotion.

Proseccomimama Fri 11-Oct-19 18:38:08

I was delighted with this lovely product. I liked the milky texture, the fact that it was not greasy and was easily absorbed by the skin. It did not stain my clothes and did not smell like most of my prescribed creams such as Zerobase. It had no aroma which was great.
I used it on my legs, arms and back and preferred it to other lotions/creams I have tried.
I will continue to buy it after the trial and use it daily after my shower.
I have already recommended it to one family member and one friend who plan to buy it.

Carol1948 Fri 11-Oct-19 18:38:29

Absolutely love this lotion. It rubs in smoothly as no smell so you can still use it with your perfume. I have dry skin patches and these seem to have disappeared. Will definitely be buying another one when it has run out.

Torminator2709 Fri 11-Oct-19 18:39:08

1. I found the lotion quite soothing, I liked that it was quite runny as it made it easy to apply. I didn’t find that it took the itch away completely, but it was nice and moisturising.

2. It moisturised really well. I used it mostly on my inner thighs and legs are those areas tend to itch in the night when I’m nightwear.

3. I’ll finish the bottle and probably buy it if it’s on offer but I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it.

4. Yes, as a quick fix and alternative to going to the drs for steroid cream!

Sarahmob Fri 11-Oct-19 18:40:34

I found this lotion easy to use and like the scent free aspect of it.
I was a bit disappointed with the thinness of this lotion but gave it a go on areas of psoriasis. The positive aspect of this is that it relieved the itch, but I don’t think it moisturised the areas particularly well. So bearing this in mind I wouldn’t purchase it after using the sample and would be reluctant to recommend it.

However, thank you for the opportunity to try it out.

Nannan2 Fri 11-Oct-19 18:43:20

Thank you for giving me the chance to try this,it is nice,not greasy like some,but for it to be of real use should be available in a bigger bottle,as it wont go far if youre using it regularly, is moisturising.not particularly 'itch relief' though.i would reccomend,and definately would buy if it was a reasonable price.

florencef1 Fri 11-Oct-19 18:43:36

Very pleased with this product, have had no itching to my legs since I started using it. I would recommend this lotion and continue to use it.

Kate51 Fri 11-Oct-19 18:43:41

I was very satisfied with this cream. I used it mostly on my arms and legs, I have psoriasis so my skin gets very dry and itchy. It did give me relief temporarily from the itch. Was quite moisturising and liked the fact it had no smell.
Yes I would buy and use in the future.
I have already reccomended it to a friend who has eczema and she found it helped with her skin too.

SusieCook Fri 11-Oct-19 18:45:01

Hi, I was pleased to try the balneum lotion as I have a particularly itchy patch on my back, unfortunately I found the lotion very runny and it left me with an uncomfortable feeling with my clothing sticking to it

Barbara1 Fri 11-Oct-19 18:46:39

I have very dry skin on my feet and legs and have tried various remedies with little success. This product started working within 2 days of use and leaves my skin feeling very soft. I hope I can continue to buy this product when this one runs out.

JS06 Fri 11-Oct-19 18:47:14

Really satisfied with this lotion, it was a dream to use, very easy to apply and it did work.

I felt it worked best on my hands, I've got a particularly sore hand with persistent dry skin between two fingers and on the back of that hand. The Balneum worked exceptionally well.

I'll definitely continue using this lotion after the testing period.

I'd recommend it, you can go straight to it as a fixer of dry and itchy skin.

coffeepot Fri 11-Oct-19 18:47:42

Very satisfied. Helped to soothe my post menopausal regular swimming body! I used it all over my body . Would use it again and would definitely recommend it!
Well done!

StephLP Fri 11-Oct-19 18:47:51

I was quite wary about using the Balneum lotion as I had a flare up of eczema on my hands. However, I was pleased to find it very soothing and it did not make my hands itch (which is what often happens when I apply lotion). I used it overnight under cotton gloves and then each time I washed my hands. It really is worth trying.

JS06 Fri 11-Oct-19 18:48:40

I tried to review product on Amazon but there's a message saying Amazon have noticed unusual activity on this product and are limiting access to writing a review.