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Coercion in an intimate or family relationship

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holdingontometeeth Wed 18-Apr-18 00:21:16

Having read some heartrending accounts of emotional and financial abuse on these forums, I hope that the following link may enlighten some to their rights and if only one poster finds it helpful then it will have been useful.
Times have changed for the better over the years, though there is plenty of improvements still required.
Women's Aid and the Domestic Violence Unit of the Police are their to give you advice and help where it is needed.
You are not on your own, though you will feel that you are and you will have been conditioned to think this way by whoever has stripped away your confidence and self esteem.
Apologies if this subject has already been covered.

holdingontometeeth Wed 18-Apr-18 00:23:02

their should read there before the pedants get on my case!

SueDonim Wed 18-Apr-18 00:36:35

Thankfully, I don't have personal experience of such behaviour but I know two women who have, in the last couple of years, and Women's Aid have been absolutely brilliant. The police, too, but WA have been there 24/7, a huge support in resolving matters.