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Do friendships change with age?

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NainFron Wed 17-Jul-19 08:16:55

Last night, DH and I went out with an old friend whom we'd not seen in a while. It was a pleasant enough evening, but we're not in a huge rush to repeat the experience, mainly because of (minor) irritating personality traits that have not softened with age!
This morning, we were discussing how we used to have frequent dinner parties with various other friends too, but have now fallen out of the habit of doing so. We don't miss it - I'd rather go to a restaurant these days.
Have your frienships changed? Do you have more or fewer friends? Have uou noticed changes in other people?

lilypollen Fri 19-Jul-19 18:11:34

NainFron thanks for starting this thread I'm guessing it has proved reassuring to a lot of us.

Lilyflower Mon 22-Jul-19 08:48:34

This weekend we had friends to stay for one night that we met over 40 years ago when I worked with one of the happily married couple. Then on Saturday we had a text saying that another couple who, 35 years ago, used to be our neighbours, were in the area and would like to drop in for tea.

We had a lovely time with both sets of friends catching up with gossip and news.

Of course the nature of our friendships with these couples has mellowed and changed as have our respective circumstances, but essentially we are picking up from where we left off last time we saw them.

Sometimes a once or twice a year brief meet up is all you need to keep a friendship going. Trying to maintain a closer connection can put a strain on the relationship.