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Those on their own the Christmas.

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Starlady Tue 24-Dec-19 02:04:43

What a kind, thoughtful post, Sparkling! I just hope anyone here who is alone has a peaceful and restful holiday. Sounds as if some of you are looking forward to your solitude, which is great. But hugs to anyone who isn't feeling so positive.

Tedber Mon 23-Dec-19 18:07:51

Bradfordlass. I understand totally what you are saying. But don’t overthink the problems. Just go and enjoy - let your son haul you out of the chair.

I can’t remember where you are? Not in Bradford anyway lol.

I remember you sent me a lovely pm once which I was grateful for. You are very thoughtful and caring

Have a lovely time. X

Tedber Mon 23-Dec-19 17:53:51

Awww yes happy Christmas to all those who are spending it alone for whatever reason but remember it is only ONE day.

Actually I have never been alone on Christmas Day. But, you know I don’t think it would bother me too much if I was! True! I could watch as much as I wanted on tv for starters lol. (Hubby working) Could eat what I want, when I want! After years of spending most of Christmas Day in a kitchen, waiting on people it very nearly happened this year! All my children decided to stay in their own homes (growing kids who want to be at home). I thought great will just do my own thing. Except my children felt it was “sad” so have been “told” where am going for Christmas dinner!!!! Don’t wish to sound ungrateful in any way but as I say it is only one day out of 364.

ENJOY ... whatever you are doing. X

felice Mon 23-Dec-19 14:15:22

I am a member of a Ladies group here and some of us have posted inviting anyone here on their own to come to our homes for Christmas.
I have not heard from anyone yet but a house full of animals and children may put some of the ladies off.
The thought is there.
Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Rufus2 Mon 23-Dec-19 13:28:19

my surprise gift to myself
Welcome to the club! I'll be on my own too, by choice, surrounded by gifts to myself, so perhaps we can get together and talk! tchgrin Noticed your interest in the "Grins" thread, so there's a "conversation starter", and I can go beyond the typical one-liners.
My sister died in Bideford not long ago and I've talked on the phone with her daughter, my neice, now living alone and each call has lasted 2hr. 40min.! tchhmm We'd hardly talked before, but she's making up for it now!
So there you are! My proposal is on the table, but have a very enjoyable and relaxing day
OoRoo wine wine wine

Alishka Mon 23-Dec-19 00:58:34

Hello and thanks Sparkling for your Christmas wishessmile
I'm now too disabled to trek over to the US to spend the holidays with the family, but I'm planning to eat my favourite foods and I'm already itching to start one of the new books I've bought, so .....could be worse...I intend to do eenie meenie minie mo to decide which to start, so that'll be my surprise gift to myselfgrin

BradfordLass72 Sat 21-Dec-19 21:02:54

What a wise and lovely post Sillygrandma5GK and thank you, Sparkling for your good wishes.

This year, I have been invited to the house of my son, his partneer and son, for 3 days.

This because my dil wants to take all the work of Christmas off my shoulders. A very kind gesture indeed.

I was looking forward to it but as it draws nearer, I see many 'disadvantages' (in inverted commas because maybe I'm making too much of them?).

They have very low couches which means I cannot easily get up from them. I hate it when my son has to haulme up. sad so when I visit, I usually sit on a dining chair all the time.

There's no handrail in their shower which means I feel unsafe in it.

I won't be in my own bed and am always too hot in their spare room, even with the window open.

In my house not only is the bedroom window open but my front door as well, so a nice, cooling breeze flows through, all night.

None of this is desperate stuff of course and there are ways round it all and I know I'll enjoy myself, so I should stop being an old curmudgeon.

Sillygrandma5GK Sat 21-Dec-19 20:15:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparkling Sat 21-Dec-19 17:24:20

Can I wish everyone who for different reasons, find themselves alone this Christmas, a very enjoyable one. It's hard for a lot of people, we all imagine everyone has someone and part of happy families, sadly this is not the case, so spend the time doing what you enjoy, cooking a favourite meal, t.v. and spoiling yourselves with treats and if you can get out for a walk I went out today and the Sales have started, A styling wand I bought now £15 off, but it's wrapped and been sent on its way.