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Father/daughter conflict

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Gingster Thu 06-Aug-20 20:09:41

My Dd and 4 children are visiting for a long weekend. We’re really looking forward to it. MyDH doesn’t get on with DD and tbh she has been a problem in the past. He resents always bailing her out financially. She is now trying her best to sort her life out. She loves her dad and tries to have a friendly relationship with him. I am feeling very tense about the upcoming visit. I know dh will spoil our time together. We have DS1 and DS2 visiting for a day at the same time and DH gets on very well with his boys. He will behave when they are with us. How can I keep the peace and ensure we all have a lovely time.

Urmstongran Thu 06-Aug-20 20:20:42

Basically you can’t. Deep down you’ll always be anxious when they are together as you now have a learned response. Hopefully it will go better than you anticipate. Four children will keep everyone on their toes.

Perhaps mention the children’s presence to your husband and remind him of how they are like little sponges soaking everything up. Maybe coming to you is their holiday? Remind your husband not to spoil it.