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Snoring husband

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Nanniejude Mon 23-Aug-21 23:12:57

He’s put on weight, drinks more, moves less and has become lazy since retiring. He’s always snored but now it’s unbearable. I’ve moved into the spare room and wear ear plugs, but can still hear him. Are there any other options other than divorce?

GagaJo Mon 23-Aug-21 23:15:32

I had this problem with my ex husband AND my next partner. The first had sleep apnoea and the second had huge tonsils. Both of these problems were only diagnosed long after my relationships with them had ended.

Is there anywhere you can sleep downstairs? Although I always thought it was VERY unfair that I had to move beds, when I wasn't the one with the problem.

Carenza123 Mon 23-Aug-21 23:19:53

Hi Nannyjude, my husband snored like yours and often felt tired. Perhaps he needs to see his doctor to see if he has sleep apnoea. My husband was diagnosed as having sleep apnoea and he was a different person (and didn’t snore) after treatment. Probably worth checking out.

Silverbridge Mon 23-Aug-21 23:23:18

Snoring is linked to some serious health issues so worth pointing those out to him if his unhealthy lifestyle is making it worse. Believe it or not you can get Snore apps for your phone so you can record snoring and use it in consultations for sleep apnea o simply just to let the snorer know what it sounds like. SnoreLab in onesuch.

DiamondLily Tue 24-Aug-21 06:57:44

My DH is a horrendous snorer, and also has to wear a CPap machine overnight, adding to the noise. He was given it for Apnea, and other health problems, but it didn’t lessen his snoring.

It was pretty much unbearable, until I found these on Amazon.

They are brilliant - comfortable and I cannot gear DH at all now. ?

They are Macks SIIL`iCONE ear plugs (not the rigid ones). I think places other than Amazon also do them.

Ali08 Tue 24-Aug-21 07:23:01

Well, there's murder, but that's very unladylike!

Kate1949 Tue 24-Aug-21 09:59:19

It's a problem isn't it? My husband sounds like a pneumatic drill is in the room. It's horrendous. It's been happening for years. He's not overweight and doesn't drink excessively.
He's been tested for health problems and there are none. We've tried various remedies to no avail so it's separate rooms. Holidays have to be self catering, two bedroom accommodation.

timetogo2016 Tue 24-Aug-21 10:16:27

If my dh doesn`t snore i check his pulse.
He`s still hear and snoring.

Redhead56 Tue 24-Aug-21 10:37:05

Thats what spare bedrooms are for its what I did. Took over our DS room made it my own iPad glass of wine and no snoring to irritate me.

V3ra Tue 24-Aug-21 10:59:42

Boots Muffles wax earplugs saved my marriage years ago ?
We share a room but have separate beds, two singles pushed together, because even if I can't hear him snoring the vibrations through the mattress on a shared bed keep me awake.

Newatthis Tue 24-Aug-21 12:48:05

Bose have air plugs which are designed to block out snoring. Very expensive but good. If he has sleep apnea then he must get checked as it is dangerous.

timetogo2016 Tue 24-Aug-21 13:39:25

Or here even.

Coolgran65 Tue 24-Aug-21 13:47:14

Because of sleep issues I was tested and found to have moderate sleep apnea. I got a Cpap and it’s wonderful. Bonus is dh says I haven’t snored since. Definitely get your. Dh to have a test done.

Katie59 Tue 24-Aug-21 15:06:07

I’m the one who snores I’m told but only on my back, a gentle nudge I turn over and it’s a gentle sigh, he is generally quiet.

Nanniejude Tue 24-Aug-21 18:09:45


Well, there's murder, but that's very unladylike!

Thanks for all the advice,ali08 is looking like the best option.?

3dognight Tue 24-Aug-21 21:03:18

I’m sure some good earplugs will work.

I use them and my husband doesn’t even snore. They are good for blocking out traffic, birdsong, people- in fact everything you get from living in town.

Mary59nana Thu 26-Aug-21 18:24:30

I snore like a hippo but he never complain.
But I feel so embarrassed by it