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StarTurtle Fri 17-Sep-21 22:20:47

Hi. So sad. We had 9 months apart. Got back together and now nearly two years later it’s going wrong again. No one else involved. Just us. Moved house. Convinced the kids it’s all okay. And the grandkids. Don’t know what to do. I’m now in a worse financial position than before due to Covid. Just so sad. Can’t cope with how he behaves. He’s not bad just an idiot. I need more than that in my life. Or I need to ignore him better. Unfortunately I don’t want to settle for that. Really annoyed with myself that I’m not back at worse that square one.

Hithere Fri 17-Sep-21 23:32:06

Sorry you are not compatible.

You said it yourself - you deserve better

Mary59nana Sat 18-Sep-21 06:31:38

It is so hard to let go of something you have become used to as a way of life.

It's hard now but you know you are best off without him and you need to be strong and positive in what's best for you.

Wish you all the best and hope you feel happy in your life eventually.

Newatthis Sat 18-Sep-21 11:16:41

When you say 'He’s not bad just an idiot' what do you mean? How does he behave?.

Grandmabatty Sat 18-Sep-21 12:01:52

You are not happy, he won't change so you know what you need to do, I'm afraid. Regardless of being worse off, could you imagine living with him for another ten years? Twenty? What made you reconcile? Were there promised of changes which haven't materialised? Or were you missing something that the relationship gave you? Only you can decide what to do. My exh and I briefly reconciled - I took him back. It didn't work out and I was left with two children to bring up and had to find somewhere to live. I maybe didn't have the well off life I could have had, but I have been much happier. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best.

glammanana Sat 18-Sep-21 12:01:58

Did you get back together after he promised to change his ways towards you.?
Did family influence you to get back together ?
You know you can manage on your own so why put yourself through it again,do what is best for you and enjoy your life to the full you deserve it.