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Serendipity22 Wed 02-Feb-22 18:52:23

At 22.22 it will be

Won't happen for a LOT LOT LOT of years.

baubles Wed 02-Feb-22 18:55:40


grandMattie Wed 02-Feb-22 18:56:13

Love that sort of thing.
I remember distinctly being ecstatic when it was 5.5.55, I was seven!

Allsorts Wed 02-Feb-22 18:56:48

Indeed wow….

Wheniwasyourage Wed 02-Feb-22 18:57:42

Thank you. I'll keep an eye out for it!

Serendipity22 Wed 02-Feb-22 19:18:37

There wont ever be another.....

Indeed WOW x

M0nica Wed 02-Feb-22 19:19:45

One of my cousins was born on 5.5. 55, whether it was at 5.55, am or pm I do not know.

Serendipity22 Wed 02-Feb-22 19:19:59

There will be a 3.3.33 ( 3033 ) but not a time 33.33

Grammaretto Wed 02-Feb-22 19:21:51

I believe Nicola will announce free bus transport for 12 to 22 yr olds in Scotland on that day.

crazyH Wed 02-Feb-22 19:25:13

My grandsons bday this year


Serendipity22 Wed 02-Feb-22 19:28:05

Ohh of course yes, there will be 22.22 22.2.22 .

Stupid me, i was forgetting the 22nd ......

SueDonim Wed 02-Feb-22 19:37:37


There will be a 3.3.33 ( 3033 ) but not a time 33.33

My niece will be 30 on 3/3/33. I have another niece whose birthday is 3/3 and her own daughter is also 3/3. It’s a popular date in our family! grin

Serendipity22 Wed 02-Feb-22 19:45:32

Sorry, i am not making myself clear at all.... apologies....

I meant we wont see 3rd March 3033. 3.3.33.

Sorry again ... smile

2OldForThis Wed 02-Feb-22 19:51:26

I remember our Primary School teacher announcing the date was 6.6.66.

Shinamae Wed 02-Feb-22 19:56:20

I remember being at secondary school when it was the 6.6.66

Callistemon21 Wed 02-Feb-22 19:59:09


I had a dental appointment today; unfortunately it wasn't at 2.00 on 2/2/22 nor even at 2.30 (sorry) 😁

Greenfinch Wed 02-Feb-22 20:44:46

We moved house on 9.9 99 . An easy day to remember .

MiniMoon Wed 02-Feb-22 21:05:39

My Grandads birthday was 22/2. He would be 139 on 22/2/22.

Juno56 Wed 02-Feb-22 22:02:45

And there it is!😃

annsixty Wed 02-Feb-22 22:37:24

I remember my father telling me it was 12.3.45
I told my teacher when I got to school, I was born in 1937.
That makes me feel very old.

baubles Wed 02-Feb-22 22:43:09


We moved house on 9.9 99 . An easy day to remember .

I know someone who got married on that date just because it wouldn’t be forgotten.

Greenfinch Tue 08-Feb-22 17:30:58

It was a nice day in our neck of the woods baubles. I remember because my neighbour moved the week before and the weather was dreadful. Their mattresses got a thorough soaking.

Aldom Tue 08-Feb-22 17:36:09

My late son had a birthday on 7.7.77

Greenfinch Tue 08-Feb-22 19:29:33

So did my cousin’s eldest daughter Aldom. Nice and easy to remember. An elderly friend soon to be 87 is looking forward to her birthday on 22.2.22.

rubysong Tue 08-Feb-22 21:39:30

Princess Beatrice was born 8.8.88. (I always remember as my parents moved house the same day.)