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New relationship over 60?

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ReggieLouise Wed 26-Jul-23 11:42:42

Hi all, I’ve been single for a long time and haven’t dated for about seven years. Sometimes I feel like I’m happy on my own, other times, I feel really quite lonely and think it’s bad for my mental health. I think I should try and find a partner, but there’s something troubling me. Since going through menopause I’ve lost pretty much all desire for sex. Men seem to like it quite a bit. I’m not ruling it out, but when I last dated I had a healthy sexual appetite and I really don’t know how to navigate the new me in the dating world. I’m nearing 63 and otherwise pretty healthy and active. Has anyone else found themselves in this situation? How did you handle it?

Katie59 Wed 26-Jul-23 12:27:34

It’s a question of finding the right man, I hadn’t had a cuddle for 10yrs and just assumed my sex life was over. How wrong I was, a man that looks after you and presses all the right buttons makes a massive difference.
Having similar interests makes it so much easier, hobbies, days out even TV programmes, good luck!.

Theexwife Wed 26-Jul-23 12:31:11

As men seem to want to be dating younger women the men you meet will likely be over 70, their sex drive is often lower or they cannot perform at all so there will be men happy with a sexless relationship.

If you are meeting men online there will be an opportunity to chat for a while, that would be the time to say that you do not want a physical relationship, then they have the chance not to continue if they think differently.

I would have thought this was a question asked when completing the profile questions so like-minded people can be matched.

Salti Wed 26-Jul-23 13:03:57

I absolutely think that meeting the right person can change everything and sex and pleasing their partner is very important to a lot of older men. I once commented to a GP that I wouldn't imagine many men in their 80s came to ask him for viagra. He told me that I would be very surprised.

Lathyrus Wed 26-Jul-23 13:10:49

I was handsome if the best sex of my life at 63. The kind you read about in books with the earth moving and stuff like that😬
And also some of the worst😱

It’s all about the right man.

But that’s the sex bit. Looking for a partner is quite different.

Personally I think you’re most likely to meet a compatible partner at an interest that you both share. Then sex is a part, but not necessarily a big part, of a relationship.

Lathyrus Wed 26-Jul-23 13:11:39

I was having

(He certainly wasn’t handsome 😬)

ReggieLouise Thu 27-Jul-23 00:33:42

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I can’t imagine myself going out with a man in his 70s, yikes! My last partner was younger than me. Lathyrus, you give me hope. And you’re right, it’s just part of a relationship. I think the hard part may be finding a man whose company I enjoy at least as much as my own. I don’t know about everyone else, but I know in the past I’ve been on dates where I thought I’d rather be home alone. If I do manage to meet someone who’s right for me, I’m thinking I should talk to my GP about my lack of libido.

Davida1968 Tue 08-Aug-23 12:25:32

Someone I know met a new man online during lockdown. (Both aged 70 at that time.) Eventually they were able to meet and now they have a very happy relationship - sex included! They've kept their own homes, (where they each stay, from time to time), they have no intention of ever marrying, (each was married before) and they're very happy. Several times a year they go on holiday together. (I've met the man several times and I like him. He's great for her, and vice-versa.) So it can happen when you're over sixty!

Dny236 Thu 07-Sep-23 07:59:17

What’s the dating site they met on please?

dragonfly46 Thu 07-Sep-23 08:03:19

I know a couple who met on Classic FM.

beautybumble Thu 07-Sep-23 15:07:54

Don't focus too much on what it might be like when you meet someone. Just think about how nice it could be if you do. Then as you get to know each person, you'll decide if its right for you. If you're lucky enough to meet mr. right first time, you'll just know. I didn't have any sex at all for 20 years. I'd decided to be on my own as I'd been so unlucky with relationships in the past. Now at 73 I'm enjoying a beautiful and full relationship. Keep an open mind for now and expect to be disappointed a few times. There is a good man out there hoping to meet you some day. Good luck.