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Bishops' expense claims

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JessM Sun 24-Jun-12 08:00:07

Wouldn't it be fun if the Bishop of LLandaff put in an equal opportunities claim against the UK state! Why should the Bishop of Gloucester get free trips to London as often as he fancies, and he does not!

Greatnan Sun 24-Jun-12 07:56:45

Some bishops have claimed £27,000, plus travelling expenses, for attendance in the House of Lords. This is as well as their full time salary.
My view is that they should not be there as a right anyway, but as they are, surely it should be seen as an privilege. In fact, I think all attendance allowance should be scrapped, and claims for genuine expenses should have to be submitted as now happens (I hope) in the House of Commons. Certain Lords have been noted signing in to get their £300 a day allowance and slipping out again almost immediately. Not quite as big a gravy train as the European Parliament, but another slap in the face for people losing their jobs and possibly their homes through no fault of their own. The Bishops could set an example to their fellow members by refusing to claim.