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6 dogsmother

Good Friday

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If not Sunday, when?

71 Skye17

Tarot reading has worried me

149 Whethertomorrow

Have you kept any religious practices, even if you are not religious?

30 2923sammy

Have you given up going to church but used to attend ?

107 Judy54

Aled Jones

14 nadateturbe

Not to Be Served , but to Serve.

222 flappergirl

The devil

208 nanna8

World Day of Prayer

4 fancythat

Be Still...

9 nadateturbe

Bereavement support from churches

16 keepingquiet

if god is so loving

153 Grantanow

I wish that I had a Faith

497 Carmen54

John Rutter on religion

157 nanna8

Everlasting Life

110 Greyduster

Who is Netanyahu's God?

117 maddyone

Britain is as Bad ,or Worse than ,Israel: British Oppression

119 Jaberwok

Beautiful version of Oh Holy Night. Andrea Bocelli.

16 nadateturbe

Children's Blood

44 Caleo

Archbishop Tutu on Justice

11 BlueBelle

Trolley Problem

23 BlueBelle

Would you agree to pay Church Tax for your faith?

77 Norah

Abrahamic religions

178 Caleo

Discouraged former Minister's Wife

17 Oldnproud

Just something cheerful

6 nadateturbe

Would this be ok

11 Hetty58

The Virtue of Frugality

50 M0nica

Old traditional hymns on U tube - worth a listen

20 Anniebach

dwindling congregations c of e

88 Smileless2012

What do the Romans tell us about the fragility and contingency of our own civilisation?

5 Stormystar

What are people looking for?

8 Morfitt

Why do you attend?

147 Bizziebe

Choral Evensong

14 red1

To Remember Vladimir Kara-Murza

5 Chocolatelovinggran


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56 Reubenblue

Memorial gifts

16 Daddima

Out of the mouths of babes ........

79 Blondiescot

Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘️☘️☘️

13 Humduh

How old do you have to be to have religion? [Title edited by GNHQ at OP's request]

94 varian

Jehovah Witness

143 Caleo

Visitation Dreams, have any of you experienced one?

57 biglouis

Carols from Kings

5 Grandma70s

Chosen by The King

17 DaisyAnne

What happens to truly evil people when die?

205 Grantanow

Adam and Eve??

116 Caleo

cliques in churches

77 Uninvitedme

Relaxation habit which I recommend!

4 Stormystar

The history of race

2 Oopsadaisy1