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Finding faith in later life.

34 biglouis

The devil

51 Stormystar

Christianity needs a resurrection according to 'intellectual atheism'

150 DiscoDancer1975

Shared communion cup

79 Grantanow


32 fourormore

Tarot reading has worried me

122 Elegran

A song for today Watch and Pray

8 HolySox

Easter at school

35 Luckygirl3

losing faith in a loving god

178 choughdancer

Jehovah Witness

112 MissAdventure

Adam and Eve??

36 HettyBetty

near death experiences NDE

1 red1

What happens to truly evil people when die?

193 Smileless2012

I wish that I had a Faith

164 OnwardandUpward

The Christ Child

15 Anniebach

The Virtue of Frugality

43 Jillyjosie

Doing good

20 Kim19

The Shroud of Turin

47 Smileless2012

Prince Andrew and the Moral Law

202 Neen

Covering hair

75 Franbern

Are we moving backwards?

113 Deedaa

Granddaughter in Intensive Care


Mediumship demonstration

172 Persistentdonor

Is this God's plan

112 maddyone

Will the Catholic Church be damaged by yesterday's wedding at Westminster Cathedral?

113 trisher

Religeous intolerance

183 Marydoll

Sign of Peace

52 MelBB

The Big Bang, Darwin and the God of the Gaps

120 Alexa

Does anyone remember...........?

36 Cherrytree59


25 lemongrove


12 nadateturbe

The Garden Congregation at Canterbury

15 Mapleleaf

If you are religious and practising - are you still in the same Denomination you grew up with- or did you move away from family tradition?

60 Cabbie21

Attending a hearse passing 'funeral'

82 Daddima

"Patriotism is not enough" Nurse Cavell

18 Alexa

Special days

14 Humbertbear

Where’s Justin Welby, is he a fair weather Archbishop?

44 Blossoming

American Evangelical Christians

110 M0nica

Faeries and Nature Elementals

154 MayBee70

Catholic Church.

105 M0nica

Is It Just Me...?

10 Anniebach

A more spiritual Christmas this year?

6 Septimia

Spiritualist Church

50 pinkprincess

Is this the time for Justin Welby to take a sabbatical?

17 BigBertha1

Prayers please.

47 Aldom

Vincent Nicholls and church Child abuse

7 NotSpaghetti

Keep our places of worship open

10 ginny

Masks compulsory in church from 8th August (and other religious buildings)

31 M0nica

healing with crystals

59 biba70

Film, Apostasy, Channel 4 tonight

2 Shandy57