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The Faith of Children

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Mishap Mon 06-Apr-15 11:44:33

Just listened to this on Radio 4 - it was both profound and charming. I would recommend it.

Grannyknot Mon 06-Apr-15 12:31:18

I will listen to it. My mother had a "child-like faith" which stood her in good stead - and was impressive to behold - when she faced terminal illness.

Mishap Mon 06-Apr-15 12:52:50

The programme is not in fact about a childlike faith; but consists of a number of adults of different faiths (RC, Bahai, Mormon, Muslim etc.) talking about what it was like growing up in that faith and how they came to reject/pursue this as they became adults.

Nanabelle Mon 06-Apr-15 17:22:58

Thanks for the recommendation Mishap. I like to listen on radio iplayer on my iPad when I go to bed (headphones on so no disturbing dh! He does similar but at 5.30 am!!!), so will try this tonight. Its a good thing to learn a bit more about other faiths I think.

Mishap Mon 06-Apr-15 17:38:41

In hope you enjoy it - the description by a Jewish girl of the first time she had a bacon butty is glorious - pure poetry!