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A very apt quote..

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farview Sun 19-Aug-18 13:01:25

(for me anyway)
Buddhist in my aspirations
Catholic in my complications.....

Anniebach Sun 19-Aug-18 13:03:19

You can be both in a way farview x

farview Sun 19-Aug-18 13:06:00

I am Annie..sort of..

Anniebach Sun 19-Aug-18 13:08:13

Works doesn’t it . God knows you the Church doesn’t x

OldMeg Tue 21-Aug-18 06:52:03

I’d have thought the point was that you can’t be religion holds you back.

Anniebach Tue 21-Aug-18 08:44:45

OldMeg, I am a practicing Christian, until recently I attended Pagen Spring celebrations, i can’t be a Christian and a Pagan , I can agree with Pagans that spring brings new life.

I did say ‘you can be both in a way’ , my faith doesn’t mean I Close my ears to other faiths, God is the creator , God is Love. He will judge me not the Arch Bishop of Wales, the head of The Church in Wales, as he will judge the Arch Bish.