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nanna8 Sun 07-Feb-21 03:59:13

It was a special day for me today. I was formally accepted as a communicant into the Presbyterian church. For many years I had attended an Independent Baptist church but for various reasons I needed to change and so I started to attend this local church in 2019. Then Covid hit so everything went on hold and services were held on Zoom. Finally 4 of us new members were able to be received into church membership today in person.
Can you think of special days regarding your church or place of worship ( apart from weddings,funerals that is !)

vampirequeen Sun 07-Feb-21 09:29:47

Congratulations. It is, indeed, a wonderful day for you.


B9exchange Sun 07-Feb-21 09:39:20

How interesting Nanna8, where are you? My uncle was a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Annan in Scotland before moving to Golspie in Sutherland. I was brought up in a Free Church which served Methodist, Baptist, Congregational and all the 'low' churches, before moving away and settling with a United Reformed Church (which is what the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches became in union here in England. We have finally ended up CoE.

My first church actually had a pool set underneath the floor in front of the altar for the Baptists in the congregation to use for their total immersion baptisms, but I can only recall it being used once. In the Anglican Church you are 'confirmed' in your faith sometime around the teenage years when you are old enough to 'confirm' the promise made on your behalf by your parents at your baptism. But at the Free Church, it was just a case of formally being welcomed at a communion service.

I hope you will be really happy in your new home, how lovely that at long last you were able to meet in person for your ceremony!

M0nica Sun 07-Feb-21 09:50:24

As a catholic; First Holy Communions and Confirmations.

nanna8 Sun 07-Feb-21 10:56:58

Thanks for your lovely comments. My previous church used to use a small portable pool for baptisms. It was full immersion baptism. The water was warmed up beforehand and we had perhaps 4 or 5 baptisms each year. It involved a profession of faith and then the congregation would all sing ‘ up from the grave he rose ‘ It sounds weird but it was actually very moving. This Presbyterian church does have full immersion baptisms on request but we use the local river ! Not many seem to do it though . It is interesting to hear how we all have the different types of service. All the same God.

B9exchange Sun 07-Feb-21 11:37:08

In the C of E we encourage children from Year 2 upwards to take classes to understand what communion is all about, at the end of which they are called out to the front of a service and given a book and follow that with their first experience of communion. But formal confirmation comes much later. When this first started (relatively new) I wondered whether 7 year olds would really understand, but they do take it extremely seriously, I would love to be a fly on the wall at their classes!

Redhead56 Sun 07-Feb-21 12:15:37

Yes it is a special day for you congratulations. I did go to church as a child but I’m not religious. I was going to a little Welsh chapel in Liverpool to learn the Welsh language.
I stopped going when my twin granddaughters were born to help look after them. If I was religious I would go there it’s a lovely community and my auntie went there all her life.

Fennel Sun 07-Feb-21 12:39:03

When we converted to Judaism the main part was total immersion in the ritual pool - mikvah.
So many similarities between different branches of religion.

grandMattie Sun 07-Feb-21 13:34:06

My daughter’s ordination as parish priest.

Ashcombe Sun 07-Feb-21 13:40:17

Although I attend an Anglican Church, I was honoured to be invited to a baptismal ceremony by my neighbour who attends an evangelical church. They chose a local beach to baptise by total immersion, which was very moving to witness.

Smileless2012 Sun 07-Feb-21 13:40:23

Congratulations nanna8, this is indeed a special day for youflowers. I remember very well when I was confirmed and taking my first communion.

Doodle Sun 07-Feb-21 15:09:01

Congratulations indeed. Pleased for you

nanna8 Mon 08-Feb-21 05:38:37

Christianity in its various forms is quite strong round here. There are many different churches and more and more young ones seem to be going. Perhaps this Covid thing has triggered it. It seems very ‘biblical’ , a world wide pandemic.

Humbertbear Mon 08-Feb-21 08:42:23

Growing up in an Orthodox household, the year was marked by the Festivals. There was a security in knowing each year had the same rhythm. Although I am not so observant now, every Friday night is special us for even if we are having to celebrate the start of the Sabbath with our GC via Zoom.