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BT - is this genuine or could it lead to a scam?

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dahlia Sat 28-Aug-21 19:01:07

I have had repeated messages purporting to come from B.T., saying that unless I agree to their "terms and conditions", I will lose my internet connection in September. I usually disregard such messages with no problems later, but has anyone else received this one?

MamaCaz Sat 28-Aug-21 19:13:58

It sounds very much like a scam to me.

I don't recall ever having to confirm that I agree to terms and conditions when I am already with a company. They might occasionally send an update of such things, but I've never needed to respond in any way.

What sort of messages are you getting - texts, emails, phone calls, and do these messages include any information that should only be known to BT such as your account number ?

The scammers often hide behind well known companies such as BT, Royal Mail and Argos to try to fool people. I'm not even with BT, but often get calls telling me that my service is about to be disconnected if I don't press such and such a button on the phone!

welbeck Sat 28-Aug-21 19:15:09

sounds a bit odd.
how do they want you to agree to them; if it involves pressing anything, don't do it.
that wouldn't be valid for accepting terms anyway.
why not send an email to BT to ask.

aggie Sat 28-Aug-21 19:15:16

This is a well known scam

tickingbird Sat 28-Aug-21 21:05:41

It’s a scam. Please ignore it.

Teacheranne Sat 28-Aug-21 21:47:21

It is definitely a scam as I have received that message and I don’t have my internet through BT! It was a phone call and the guy on the end tried to convince me that all internet providers use BT equipment so I did need to agree to the terms and conditions. He rambled on even though he could not offer an explanation how Virgin uses BT when it’s their own cable so I just hung up!

annodomini Sat 28-Aug-21 22:28:20

I've regularly had calls telling me that my Internet connection would be cut off unless I rang a certain number. Do these people never give up?

Gossamerbeynon1945 Sat 28-Aug-21 22:34:29

I have had these calls and I don't even have BT wifi or landline.
Definitely a scam.

rubysong Sun 29-Aug-21 09:59:29

I tell them to write me a letter as they seem to know all about me. They never do. It is a scam.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 29-Aug-21 10:05:18

I'm very sure it's a scam. I got similar and rang BT's helpline to find out. They assured me they knew nothing about it and then asked me why I didn't get my broadband from them and would I like to switch? I extricated myself with diplomacy and take no notice of such calls since.

BeverleyJB Sun 29-Aug-21 11:35:27

It's a scam. On a number of occasions I have had calls allegedly from BT Openspace telling me a similar tale. (I am not a BT customer).
When I've explained that I can't continue the conversation unless they prove to me that they do work for BT Openspace, they invariably can't.wink Otherwise, I just tell them to go ahead and cut off my internet……..has never happened! grin

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 29-Aug-21 13:38:45

It won’t ‘lead to a scam’ it IS a scam, ignore it.

dahlia Wed 01-Sep-21 17:08:23

Just to up-date anyone interested. I opened the e-mail purporting to be from B.T., only to find a big red alarm screen from Microsoft, telling me this was an unsafe site. I am beginning to think I would doubt the truth of any cold callers or e-mails, which could be a good thing! All is well! smile

granfromafar Wed 01-Sep-21 17:15:26

If you are suspicious of any email, always click on sender to find out where it came from. If it's a jumble of letters and numbers it's always a scam. Be careful NOT to open any odd-looking email and especially don't open any links.

BlueBelle Wed 01-Sep-21 17:56:50

I often get these take no notice

MamaCaz Wed 01-Sep-21 18:04:22

I consider myself reasonably clued up on scams, but still fell for one that came via text a couple of weeks ago.

It was a week when, unusually, I was expecting several deliveries of online purchases, one of which I knew was going to be delivered by Hermes.
When a text came in, saying that Hermes had just tried, unsuccessfully, to deliver, I did foolishly click on the link to rearrange delivery (even though we were home and should have heard them, but it's surprising how often this genuinely happens!!!)

The first page of the link wanted personal details, and halfway through that is when I realised that it was almost certainly a scam. Having filled in my name and address, then my phone number, I screeched to a halt when they wanted my date of birth, and I aborted the process. I then checked through all the deliveries that I had been expecting, and found that the Hermes one had come the previous day anyway!

I still don't know if it was a randomly generated scam text, or if employees working for the company in question use/sell inside info to target genuine customers, knowing that they are much more likely to be fooled.
I suspect that the latter does take place, following a very similar scam text that my OH recently received from (supposedly) Royal Mail the day after there was a genuine problem with insufficient postage paid on an expected delivery. That was only the second time in twenty years that we had had a delivery problem with Royal Mail, and the first time that we have had a text trying to get even more money out of us the day after it was 'sorted ' - it seemed just too big a coincidence!

Mapleleaf Sun 05-Sep-21 10:12:11

I think that if it were genuine, then BT would have to write to you about any proposed changes to any contract, so yes, it is a scam.