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Don't follow the instructions!

1 Elegran


17 lemsip

Post Office Scam

16 Mapleleaf

Another Post Office scam

5 25Avalon

Having fun with the scammers

113 trisher

£150 Council Tax rebate possible scam phone call

4 nadateturbe

New way to report Scams.

30 biglouis

A chat appeared on Message from an old friend

8 Framilode

Likely scam alert….

1 Witzend

Do they think we're stupid?

8 welbeck

I didn't ask for it!

9 NotAGran55

My best scammer wind up to date.

132 biglouis

McFee antivirus scam

12 grandtanteJE65

EBAY - scammers, chancers and buyers from hell

14 M0nica

HMRC scam call to my mobile. Beware!

17 AGAA4

NHS Scam

10 argymargy

Your Local Energy Consultant

5 chocolatepudding

Virgin money scam ?

2 Grandmabatty

Cannabis oil could be taken off the shelves within the year

25 Jerseygal


3 biglouis

Sky Broadband Scam > Connection Diagnosis

3 biglouis

True - Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive

5 Rosie51


1 Whiff

Winter Fuel Payment Scam

20 Pittcity

Look what lovely thing came up in my emails this morning.🥺

7 Ali08

Martin Lewis fake e-mails

3 Septimia

WhatsApp Scam warning changing mobile numbers.

4 Thoro

Delete System 32


Car tax

4 welbeck

Facebook Market Place - Scam?

7 Ailidh

Not exactly a scam but.....

12 Chestnut

facebook scam?

4 FarNorth

What's app scam

13 Kate1949

NHS Covid Pass

7 Sarnia

Manuka Honey

19 NanKate

"NHS covid pass"

3 Squiffy

Hope I m not duplicating

3 Oldwoman70

New fraud line announced

2 Squiffy

A new scam

6 sodapop

BT - is this genuine or could it lead to a scam?

17 Mapleleaf

Kidney Bean Trick 🥫

10 Peasblossom

What a Shame

63 henetha

Supposedly from Amazon

13 Blossoming

Distraction burglary - unknown strangers at the door

27 M0nica

Was this the start of a scam?

15 M0nica

Experian letter, are they phishing for business or is threat real??

3 M0nica

TV Licensing email scam

2 Ali08

Accidental disclosure

8 Secondwind

Pulling on your heartstrings for profit.

2 Blossoming

Amazon on-line scam - BE AWARE

21 Nannashirlz