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Cold Caller from "Amazon"

3 Oldwoman70

Visa scam?

4 Ali08

lost your NI number? scam

2 Didsbury

This is a new one on me

11 welbeck

TSB scam via e-mail?

3 GrannyGravy13

HMRC scam call to my mobile. Beware!

3 Mapleleaf

My best scammer wind up to date.

109 oodles

HSBC scam

2 Lizbethann55

Final reminder from eBay to update my details

9 sharon103

Car warranty is still about to run out!

2 Callistemon

scammers can change your phone number

3 Oopsadaisy1

Scam or not?

4 Oopsadaisy1

Latest telephone scam I have received.

26 Ramblingrose22

DPD Redelivery Scam

5 lemsip

What a Shame

45 Yearsold

More suspect emails

28 Sonatina7

Scams - a dedicated thread?

29 Sonatina7

Your 4 Life....01942 834671

3 Ro60

Scammers advertising on local news site

3 Roses