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Esspee Sun 10-Oct-21 09:22:47

I noticed a full page advert in today’s newspaper for Manuka Honey. As this is the season where many of us look for help in boosting our health for the oncoming winter I thought I would share a few facts to save you being ripped off.

Honey has healing properties. This has been known for thousands of years. When applied to wounds they heal better and Manuka Honey exhibits the best results. This is scientifically proven fact and applies to pure Manuka Honey of factor 20 and above. A genuine jar of this is extremely expensive.
When you swallow Manuka honey there is no scientific evidence that it works to kill bacteria internally. In the laboratory in a Petri dish it can for example kill the bacteria which causes ulcers but it has not been shown to have any efficacy when swallowed.
In the U.K. we buy more Manuka Honey than is produced in the whole world. That is in this country alone! Fraud is rife in the honey business and in a more litigious society such as the U.S.A. this has been proven in court with highly respectable companies such as Trader Joes being proven to have sold honey which was not as advertised.

The point of this thread is to warn gransnetters not to be conned into buying a product in the belief that it is

1. What it purports to be on the jar or
2. That is has any special health giving properties when swallowed.

Scones Sun 10-Oct-21 09:44:02

Reminds me of that episode of To The Manor Born where they stuck home made labels on shop bought honey and sold it to tourists for a marked up price. Nothing new in this world.

Alegrias1 Sun 10-Oct-21 09:51:43

I saw that advert Esspee and thought it was a bit odd.

Thank you for posting this.

Shropshirelass Sun 10-Oct-21 09:52:13

My DH had H Pylori in his stomach and took Manuka honey UMF 50+ three times a day on an empty stomach for three months. He no longer has H Pylori. He also used it to clear MRSA by putting up his nose for a few weeks before being tested (this was after several positive tests prior to surgery). We use Manuka ointment on cuts etc and our vet uses it to promote healing. It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties and is amazing. Yes, I agree that you must by from a reputable source to ensure you are buying the pure product. The bees can only produce so much honey.

Lovetopaint037 Sun 10-Oct-21 09:59:02

Well I ordered Manuka honey from Sainsburys - £20. For a small jar and found it helped my throat and chest. It also tastes really good.

halfpint1 Sun 10-Oct-21 10:02:04

I have never bought Manuka honey but I do us

halfpint1 Sun 10-Oct-21 10:04:08

Use a good local honey in many winter remedies and think it helps and works. Used it for many things when my children were growing up

dragonfly46 Sun 10-Oct-21 10:09:12

I had a teaspoon of Lifemel honey during chemo and I had no problem with my blood levels. That is even more expensive than Manuka but it shows how wonderful honey is.

lemsip Sun 10-Oct-21 11:50:52

I put honey on any small cuts/wounds I have, great healing and all antibacterial........., I wouldn't buy Manuka honey....

Ro60 Sun 10-Oct-21 13:00:56

Back in the '70s my Grandmother used to have honey shipped in a huge drum from Australia. She took a jar to someone in hospital whose surgical wound wouldn't heal. The doctors didn't know what else to do so tried it and it worked.
More recently research has been done - particularly at Cardiff University which shows honey can work.
I've never bought Manuka honey and feel it's a bit of a gimmick.

Esspee Sun 10-Oct-21 15:54:33

It will work externally Ro60. The point I wished to make is that despite many clinical trials there is no evidence that it does anything once swallowed.

GrandmaKT Sun 10-Oct-21 16:27:27

As a bit of a tangent to this thread... my Dil (who is a Kiwi), told me that bees naturally dislike the blossom of the manuka bush, and will only go to it if they are kept in 'captivity' with only manukas to go to!

Esspee Sun 10-Oct-21 17:26:32


I put honey on any small cuts/wounds I have, great healing and all antibacterial........., I wouldn't buy Manuka honey....

Lemsip When applied externally the highest Manuka factor honey is very effective. Just not when you swallow it.

Ro60 Mon 11-Oct-21 00:23:48

Thanks Espee - Every day's a school day 😁

absent Mon 11-Oct-21 02:35:13

A similar situation arises with basmati rice. More so-called basmati is on sale than is produced.

NanKate Mon 11-Oct-21 09:28:53

I am a new convert to honey. I just have a bog standard bottle. Any recommendations for a honey you particularly like?

Esspee Mon 11-Oct-21 09:46:40

Tastes differ NanKate. At some farmer’s markets you can buy a straw of different types to test.
Just remember it is sugar by another name so take it easy.

nadateturbe Mon 11-Oct-21 10:47:01

Thanks Espee

NanKate Mon 11-Oct-21 14:34:55

Yes thanks Esspee