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Air conditioning in shops

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carboncareful Tue 26-Jul-11 18:03:34

Does anyone else find they have to put extra clothes on in the Summer when they go shopping? I'm used to wrapping up warm in supermarkets and I know they have to keep it cool for the sake of the food. But why do I need a jacket when I go into other shops on a warm sunny day? Even with extra clothing my feet get really cold if I'm in sandels.

Lecture bit: air conditioning uses as much energy as central heating and its not even necessary or pleasant unless there is a heatwave. I have started complaining to the manager about being subjected to blasts of cold air. Friend and I had to leave a coffee shop recently in Beatties due to being absolutely frozen sitting in a great draught of cold air..........

susiecb Tue 26-Jul-11 19:12:55

I hate air conditioning in shops and the cinema - i always take a jacket and scarf whatever the seasonsmile

JessM Wed 27-Jul-11 07:37:07

I recently complained about the freezing temperature in the cinema. Everyone was shivering. They did respond to my complaint.

Annobel Wed 27-Jul-11 07:42:43

Air con in trains can also be excessive. Yesterday I had to put my jacket on in a Virgin train from Glasgow and, a few weeks ago found it even colder in a Cross Country train from Reading. Of course we don't want it too hot, but surely they could find a 'happy medium'.

absentgrana Wed 27-Jul-11 10:19:53

You get the mirror image in the middle of winter. The shop is stifling hot, the staff are all in short sleeves and any customer coming in with cosy jumper, coat, boots, scarf and wooly hat nearly passes out. A similar waste of energy.

Faye Wed 27-Jul-11 10:36:54

I disliked getting onto a warm bus with a thick coat on in the middle of winter and sweltering all the way to work. The opposite I really really disliked was sitting in a freezing cold bus in the middle of summer and freezing. The other thing I really really really dislike is when I am sitting in the bus or used to years ago and someone next to me would open the window wide open and I would be the one getting the blast of air. My hair would blow in my face the whole time on the 40 minute ride home. I have been known to say very very politely, do you mind if I shut that window. I did wonder why they didn't notice the person next to them trying to hold their hair down so it didn't flip in their eyes for 40 minutes. Gee I hate find that annoying! confused

Mamie Wed 27-Jul-11 10:53:53

I can remember being in Barcelona when it was 40 degrees by 9.30a.m. We couldn't wait for the department stores to open to get into the air conditioning!

carboncareful Wed 27-Jul-11 18:30:49

Well, I so glad I'm not alone in this, was worried people would think I was beeing a fussy old woman. So: shops, trains, buses, cinemas - why do we put up with this when its such a waste as well as being uncomfortable to say the least? I've been on the London train in summer with small children wailing all the way and I'm sure its because they are cold in little dresses and Tshirts. I'm going to start complaining to the managers of shops and maybe write to Chiltern Line (I'm on it for 3 and a half hours visiting my son and have to take an extra bag with spare clothes in summer - or to stash layers in in winter when I boil.

Elegran Wed 27-Jul-11 18:56:33

Faye There is an opposite bus scenario too - when you get on a bus in midsummer and the only seat is beside a window in the blazing sun - and not a single window is open in the whole place.