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Sycamore Gap

123 Molly10

European Hornets

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Is anyone else concerted about VR

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Electric cars

59 argymargy

House Martins: where are they?? ? ?

37 Fleurpepper

Wind power, or the lack of it.

104 volver3

First signs of spring

9 Redrobin51

Researchers have created eggs from the cells of male mice, raising the prospect of male couples having their own children...

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17 timetogo2016

Killing songbirds allowed by Natural England

22 Katie59

Snow bomb or spring?

15 M0nica

Shooting stars or satellites?

9 MaizieD

Fluoride in drinking water

5 ExperiencedNotOld

Infestation of fruit flies

27 BlueBelle

Fish hybrids…

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Food for the birds

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Names of Rivers:Etymology

42 Caleo

The paper I send for recycling…

25 MissAdventure

Attenborough's Frozen Planet and Climate Change

7 MayBee70

Calling all National Trust members

13 M0nica

A new winter coat

79 Boz

Developer fined £50K for cutting down trees

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Einstein's Quantum Riddle BBC4

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Moonrise, Loch Lomond.

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Who is expecting a Hose Ban? Tips on water saving?

12 Alie2Oxon

Living the frugal life- the more serious side

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Drought and nature's bounty

12 Jaxjacky

One Good Thing about the heat emergency

20 Alie2Oxon

Catastrophic effects of climate change are 'dangerously unexplored', experts warn

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Wild Bison re-introduced in Kent's West Blean Woods

66 Yammy

Are weather forecasts a work of fiction?

13 AGAA4

Wasps nest

11 VioletSky

Beaver kits born in Cheshire

4 Patsy70

Unusal weather forecast ?

4 Fennel

How good is your o ?

34 JackyB

Insects - where are they?

33 BlueBelle

Salisbury Peregrines - anyone else watching?

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The most important boring idea in the universe.

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Re-wilding has passed the threshold for public acceptance.

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Technology and nature.

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Frans De Waal on Sex and Gender Across the Primate Spectrum

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Sounds great - but will it be a viable improvement for batteries?

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Happy World Bee Day! ? ?

5 Grandmabatty

Are you scared of bats?

40 Trouble

I keep hearing an owl in the day

110 Georgesgran

Blue tit knocking on the window !

21 Georgesgran

Found this insect on my stairs….

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Tangier Island, Chesapeake Bay

3 Blossoming