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Are We Being Told the Truth About Climate Change?

77 HolySox

Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill

5 Greeneyedgirl

What do you do with YOUR plastic waste?

13 Ultimer

Scotland producing enough renewables to meet 90% of Scottish electricity demand

28 Ultimer

The best picture you will see today😄

34 Shandy57

Litter Pickers and Litter Louts

13 Caleo

For birdwatchers out there...

11 Juliet27

Bottom 10% in the world in bio-diversity

48 Callistemon

Bull in field that has a public footpath going across it….

36 silverlining48

My Woodpecker is back!

15 muse

Barn Owls...

9 Katie59

Where are all the Swallows

24 Juliet27

House building, big landscapes and forests - do you notice?

2 SueDonim

Starlink satellites

1 Daisymae

Two Lobes or No Lobes ! that is the question.

25 Jaxjacky

Voyage to Mars.

26 JaneJudge

Two Lobes or No Lobes ! that is the question.

3 Mogsmaw

David Attenburgh for 99 pence.

1 Elegran

Essay for Richard Dawkins' 80th birthday (long read) by Michael Shermer

1 Baggs

Fascinating nature! Arachnophobes look away (tho' u wdn't know it's a spider)

5 EllanVannin

Popular or favourite bird that visits your garden.

60 Greyduster

Unusually for me I am lost for words...

19 Teddy5005

Autumn colours

5 goldyyyy

Weather forecasts are not what they use to be

16 M0nica

Murmurations of starlings

22 glammagran

fly tipping in the uK

31 FindingNemo15

Brexit: will you eat bad meat or vegetarian?

42 Jaxjacky

Recycling NHS dialysis equipment and drugs (even crutches!)

20 janipans

All hail the scientists! 🥳🧪🔬👩‍🔬

39 Alegrias1

I could have sworn...

8 MiniMoon

Danger - ice falling from roofs.

5 JackyB

wounded pigeon

30 Fennel

I'm a new beekeeper letting the Bees guide me any tips?

12 Stormystar

If you see Bramber Brooks please return him

2 Callistemon

Definition needed

10 Septimia

PM's 10-point plan for 'green industrial revolution'

19 Wheniwasyourage

Doing our bit: Consuming less, travelling less, thinking more.

16 Riverwalk

While the USA votes, life moves on for the UK's first polar cub in 25 years.

3 Squiffy

Photos of our wildlife

18 Jaybird55

Expedition ship has come back from the Arctic with bad news.

11 Iam64


2 Namsnanny

A Planet for us All

7 Gwyneth

Beach clean/litter collecting. Being recycled?

2 Oopsadaisy4

Time to ban gun sports

79 Alegrias

Happy Autumn Equinox!

22 AGAA4

The shrunken heads at Pitt Rivers museum (Oxford)

37 suziewoozie


11 craftyone

fruitflies - where do they come from?

13 quizqueen

What a beauty!

8 Callistemon

Bye, Hamish!.

9 Elegran