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Frozen Planet not shown in US

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carboncareful Wed 07-Dec-11 22:50:30

Just watched last episode of Frozen Planet. Note from my TV Guide that this episode is not to be broadcast in America!
Can only presume the land of the Free don't want to frighten the deniers.........

Annobel Wed 07-Dec-11 22:53:26


tanith Wed 07-Dec-11 23:01:38

How ridiculous I just watched it and I wasn't frightened at all , must be that 'stiff upper lip' we brits have wink

glassortwo Wed 07-Dec-11 23:11:17

Obviously not the 'Land of the free' !!!!!!!!!

Jacey Thu 08-Dec-11 14:12:52

Oh! None so blind as don't want to see! hmm

Annobel Thu 08-Dec-11 14:16:33

It is, after all, the country where a TV presenter comes up with the loony idea that the Muppets are Communist!

absentgrana Thu 08-Dec-11 14:17:35

The US is not the only country that has bought the series without the final episode.

tanith Thu 08-Dec-11 15:42:12

Burying heads in the sand comes to mind but then not everyone agrees with the Global Warming theory. It seems they have now changed their minds and will show the 7th episode after all but with someone else narrating over David Attenboroughs commentary. I posted the article on a community site that has mainly American ladies to see what sort of reaction they have to it, they do seem very blinkered and insular when it comes to the outside World and what goes on elsewhere.

tanith Thu 08-Dec-11 15:43:28

I meant to add but they aren't adverse to meddling in other countries when it suits their purpose..

carboncareful Thu 08-Dec-11 16:45:41

absentgrana who are the other countries?

tanith Thu 08-Dec-11 16:58:30

There are apparently 30 countries who have bought the series China included and 10 of them aren't going to show the last episode can't seem to find anything that gives the names of those countries but it seems Australia may be one of them which surprised me.