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nightowl Fri 03-Feb-12 18:09:50

I am new to Gransnet so forgive me if there has already been a discussion on this subject, but I am interested to know what others think of the proposed high speed rail link between London and Birmingham. I do not live near the proposed route, but I am horrified by the loss of beautiful countryside, at enormous cost, for what I see as very dubious benefits. I would however be interested to hear others' views, particularly those who may be directly affected. I also know there are a lot of gransnetters who live in Scotland and wonder how they feel about the proposal to extend the route there.

JessM Fri 03-Feb-12 19:01:03

The current line, that passes me, is very heavily used, and getting busier every year. As are the railways in general. But I think it is a pity they can't put another line in next to it, to minimise the damage and chaos.
Someone once told me that before privatisation they could make freight trains travel at night and get better use out of the tracks in the day. But that post p. this no longer applied. Wonder if this is still the case?
Certainly don't think that an infrastructure project like this, that will not even start for several years, is going to help the battered economy.
Of course the line has been out of action today, due to a locomotive derailment just south of here.