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View from our house

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numberplease Wed 27-Jun-12 17:53:19

I`ve just uploaded a photo into my profile, of what used to be the view from our front door. Nothing special, you may think, but not too displeasing either.
That was about 5 years ago. Now we can hardly see anything for all the cars that are parked on the river bank, not to mention work vans. And the bank, where it used to be green, albeit grass and nettles, is now just churned up mud. It really makes me seethe!

GoldenGran Wed 27-Jun-12 18:21:42

It looks lovely number, how infuriating to have it spoiled.

glassortwo Wed 27-Jun-12 19:37:22

Number what a shame it was a a lovely view. Why are they parking on the bank, is there works going on close at hand.

Can you complain to someone, have the vans got the Company logos and contact numbers on the livery. if so complain to the companies and tell them the mess they are making.

numberplease Wed 27-Jun-12 21:22:07

Glass, they`re works vans taken home by the men who drive them every day, usually land work gangs, mostly East Europeans, there are more around here than British folk.
The thing is, when we moved here 27 years ago, between the 9 houses on this section of the bank, there were only about 6 cars, and we all parked on this side, outside our houses, but there are so many cars to one house in most of the houses, because there are a lot of people sharing houses, that the only place to park is on the bank itself.

whitewave Wed 27-Jun-12 21:25:22

our council bang in large tree stumps in the grass that stops people from driving/parking It looks OK too

Anagram Wed 27-Jun-12 21:28:32

That's a good idea, whitewave.

Jacey Thu 28-Jun-12 19:35:35

Wasn't sure where to put this ...but the view from my front window doesn't particularly agree with this

In fact I find the article hard to believe ...but then I do live in what I think is a densely populated part of the South-east hmm