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The Moser Light

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Granny23 Tue 13-Aug-13 23:56:03

A brilliant good news story for once. Don't think I would try it out on our slated roof but might be just the thing for the dark, back corners of the shed hmm

FlicketyB Tue 13-Aug-13 22:49:45

Isn't HE brilliant! To develop something so simple and then be happy for everyone else who needs it to just use the idea.

vegasmags Tue 13-Aug-13 18:26:31

I think you could be right there dustyangel!

dustyangel Tue 13-Aug-13 14:49:20

What an amazing invention. I read a bit more about it and started wondering why we haven't heard about Alfredo Moser before. Then it hit me, no one is making big money from it.

Butty Tue 13-Aug-13 10:49:37

Thanks for this link vegas. A superb invention.

Anne58 Tue 13-Aug-13 09:42:03

Inspiring! Two birds with one stone too, as the bottles are not going to landfill.

vegasmags Tue 13-Aug-13 09:35:40

I've only just come across this wonderful invention. It's always so inspirational when an inventor doesn't want to make money, but just to help people.