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Bird brains?

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Movedalot Fri 30-Aug-13 10:21:52

So where did the expression come from?

Deedaa Thu 29-Aug-13 22:36:03

I like the way our garden is always full of blue and coal tits on a wet day, they always seem to know that the cats will be spending the day on the beds!

Movedalot Wed 28-Aug-13 19:05:54

It is supposed to be an insult but I don't think it applies to the ones round here.

We have 2 balconies from which I hang bird food. I stopped refilling the ones outside the kitchen in an effort to persuade the birds to use the more difficult ones outside the sitting room. It worked but after a couple of days I noticed several blue tits took to flying towards the window and then at the last minute flying up on to the clematis above the window. Others appeared to be standing on the balcony staring in. They hadn't done this before and now I have refilled the feeders they have stopped doing it. Do you think they were trying to tell me something?