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environment bill in queens speech

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JessM Mon 02-Jun-14 06:39:09

Some complicated ideas to grapple with here as new environment bill being drafted for the last session of parliament before the election.
They seem to have got their knickers in a twist over the implementation of "zero carbon homes" - a really difficult thing to achieve, and the opposing forces of the construction industry who of course want to build houses cheaply and without changing their methods.
"From 2016, all new homes will be required to have no net emissions in their lifetime. Although first agreed by the last Labour government in 2006, the construction industry was given 10 years to prepare for the change."
The zero carbon homes idea is great until you start to think about what it might mean...
There are rumours about "fracking" section as well that are concerning.
Labour and the Green Party have expressed concern at reports the bill will also change trespass laws to allow shale gas exploration firms to drill beneath private property without needing the owners' permission.
Its true that the coalition have made very little progress on energy efficiency and conservation. In fact a bit of a disaster.
They started by cutting subsidy that was designed to encourage solar, thus destroying many "green jobs" that every government likes to talk about.
Green Deal has been a costly debacle. Over complication has lead to high interest rates and a very low take-up.
Cameron cutting "green taxes" recently was the last straw. It has led to a big slow down in improving the energy efficiency of the homes of poorer people. Energy companies won that hands down.