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Saving Africa's Wild Lion's b4 it's too late

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Trux Fri 13-Jun-14 10:29:43

BAFTA Nominated actor Jerome Flynn (star of Soldier,Soldier, BBC's Ripper Street & Game of Thrones and singing duo Robson and Jerome) is heading up an awareness raising and fundraising campaign to ensure our Grandchildren live in a world where lions still exist in the wild.
If we don't do something NOW lions could be extinct in less than 10 years...I find that a horrifying thought and unimaginable.
They are being hunted and murdered to a point of extinction and this is a little known fact.
I've donated to the campaign called ROARING FOR FREEDOM please consider doing the same and help Jerome ensure our grandchildren live in a world where lions still exist. Here's the link to his video

rosesarered Fri 13-Jun-14 11:09:27

I am all for them existing, but not anywhere near me.