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Wasn't expecting that !

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ninathenana Sat 13-Sep-14 23:34:01

We went to a small private garden centre this morning. They have a fair size pond. When I went over to see the ducks I was really surprised to see a moorhen with five chicks (??) Is it this crazy weather or do they reproduce other than in Spring ?

Mishap Sun 14-Sep-14 07:37:34

I don't know - but we came back from hols on Friday to find a rose bush that had done its thing several months ago was awash in new blooms!

Gagagran Sun 14-Sep-14 07:45:26

Our roses have done the same Mishap. In fact this second flush has produced double the amount of blooms the first one did. I am revelling in this lovely September with the golden sunlight we are enjoying each day.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday! sunshine

ninathenana Sun 14-Sep-14 10:59:07

Yes we have roses covered in flowers and buds to.
Also busy lizzies and geraniums that look as good as the day DH planted them.

TriciaF Sun 14-Sep-14 16:23:54

Same here - I transplanted our one surviving rose (the deer eat them) into a large pot, a month ago, and now it's covered in new foliage and buds.
Maybe global warming - I wonder if it's something we're going to have to get used to?

whitewave Sun 14-Sep-14 16:34:16

Let's hope so smile

Nonnie Sun 14-Sep-14 17:32:35

Our roses do that every year but are always later than everyone else's.

I saw baby moorhens a few weeks ago. Is it unusual? Didn't know that.