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Yeah! It's March!!!

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rubylady Sun 01-Mar-15 00:30:18

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit!

Happy 1st March.

Hopefully in like a lion and out like a lamb.


loopylou Sun 01-Mar-15 07:10:41

Yippee, Spring is coming!

Anya Sun 01-Mar-15 07:53:11

Time to come out of hibernation! Another winter survived.

Agus Sun 01-Mar-15 08:51:54

It certainly came in like a lion here last night. Howling winds that shook everything but.....the clocks change this month, whoopee.

gillybob Sun 01-Mar-15 09:03:43

It's amazing isn't it rubylady? I love the Spring. Everything is so full of promise. The garden is Springing into life. The days are longer. What's not to like? I'm so pleased I spent the hours putting in hundreds of those tiny little daffodil bulbs last autumn as the garden is beginning to look wonderful.

Howling winds here on the North East coast too Agus spoiling a beautiful sunny morning.

Teetime Sun 01-Mar-15 09:49:38

Oh dear the Thread Police will be on at me now as I just started a thread called Spring!!!

janerowena Sun 01-Mar-15 10:54:21

The more the merrier! Spring all over the Board! I hadn't even registered it was March today until I saw this. smile And it's a beautiful, if rather windy, morning here. Very March.

merlotgran Sun 01-Mar-15 11:12:11

I agree. Cheerio February. You won't be missed grin

janerowena Sun 01-Mar-15 11:13:55

February - the Pits of the year, IMO.

Agus Sun 01-Mar-15 11:34:18

It can't be the pits janer, it's my birthday month. smile.

It's a while away yet but I am so looking forward to having an early morning coffee in the garden. Simple pleasures.

We did have a quick flash of sun too Gilly....and sleet and hail and driving rain. Now we have blue skies and a bit of calm again confused

Teetime Sun 01-Mar-15 12:17:52

Its my birthday in February too and I have always hated the month and the event. DH says I should have an offical birthday in summer when he has his.

granjura Sun 01-Mar-15 13:24:15

February up here in the mountains is wonderful normally- lots of snow and lots of sunshine, and my BD on 28th. Got a bad cold at the mo, so stuck in- and we still have plenty of snow.

There is only one month I'd like to wipe off the calendar- November! For me, the dreaded month- if I could spen it elsewhere in the sun, every year, I would.

rubylady Sun 01-Mar-15 17:29:35

Happy Birthday for yesterday granjura flowers

gilly Yes, it is wonderful. I couldn't put any new bulbs in as we only moved in October and I was shattered! I do have a couple of tubs though and the bulbs are coming up on those and the buds are starting to sprout on the beech tree, it marvellous, the promise of newness all over again. smile

Teetime Yes, have an unbirthday like Winnie the Pooh in the summer, why not? It's you who makes the rules. Enjoy. smile

Agus Oh the joy of a cup of tea in the garden chair. Once my doggie finds out she can go out and sit in the chair in our new garden, I won't be allowed into the living room first thing, it'll be straight out like at the old house. She loves it, taking in the morning sun on my lounger. smile

So roll on my new fence being done this month, going to the garden centre for a climber or two, new bright happy fence paint and some glorious days enjoying the magic of nature. stdavidssmile

granjura Sun 01-Mar-15 17:49:00

Thank you so much Rubylady- as said, stuck indoors with a bad cold, so will have to make up for it when I feel better (better today already). Let's hope we get a few more good skiing days this season.

loopylou Sun 01-Mar-15 17:57:39

Happy Birthday for yesterday granjura, I do hope you'll be feeling better soon flowers & stdavids

Fili Thu 12-Mar-15 07:05:17

At least! It is shinny and bright!