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Wandering around fabulous NT Garden

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NanKate Wed 11-Mar-15 22:02:15

We took our 2 year old grandson for a walk around a fabulous NT Garden in West Sussex today. The emergence of spring flowers everywhere just filled me with Joy. I thought if this is what heaven is like I shall be happy to arrive there one day.

I realise some folk don't believe in Heaven but for those who do this is my idea of peace, beauty and tranquility. flowers

granjura Thu 12-Mar-15 14:28:26

I certainly do not in Heaven in the sky, but totally understand the concept of heaven on earth- as illustrated by a wonderful English garden in Spring. We've decided to keep up our membership of NT, even though we've been living abroad for 5 years +, as we've had so much joy from NT gardens and properties in the past, and try to visit as many as poss when we are in the UK. DD1 lives quite close to RHS Wisley, and we are lucky she lends us her cards when we are over- never miss it.

Which garden was that NanKate?

merlotgran Thu 12-Mar-15 14:47:55

I was going to ask the same, granjura. I have quite a few gardens on my wish list.

TerriBull Thu 12-Mar-15 15:04:13

NanKate, I'm wondering if it was Nymans you were wandering around, it's very beautiful, I went there last year. I do enjoy having NT membership and having the opportunity to visit such beautiful places.

KatyK Thu 12-Mar-15 15:59:58

We love our NT membership too. It's great to take the book when we visit different parts of the UK and always pop in to one or two. We have some lovely gardens in the Midlands too. Biddulph Grange is beautiful. For anyone visiting Cornwall, the Headland Garden in Polruan has breathtaking views of the Fowey estuary. They only used to open one afternoon a week (Thursday I think) but it's well worth the little boat trip across from Fowey. When we sat in the garden with a cream tea overlooking the stunning estuary. Not National Trust though but only a couple of pounds entrance fee. smile

NanKate Thu 12-Mar-15 17:00:02

Yes All, the place was Nymans it was like a magical garden yesterday with lots of spring flowers just coming into bloom.

I think I would like my ashes scattered there but no doubt the NT would have something to say about that. hmm

granjura Thu 12-Mar-15 17:16:03

Never been to Nymans. Why not ask for your ashes to be scattered there- don't ask NT- just do it (well, get your relies to do it ;) )-

Never been to Nymans, but is on our definite list to do when we visit Surrey.

NanKate Thu 12-Mar-15 19:26:48

Good idea Granjura however fingers crossed and with a good breeze I hope to make another 10 - 20 years, but I shall bear your suggestion in mind. grin

Nymans is in West Sussex just off the M23.

Lord Snowden's mother used to live there.

granjura Thu 12-Mar-15 20:02:53

I do wish you many many more NT gardens and others in the meantime- enjoy x

JessM Thu 12-Mar-15 20:08:04

Got my post viral self out to do my NT gardening volunteering today in Penrhyn. Thousands of daffodils coming into bloom. Good to see the lads. Came back and slept for 2 hours shock

loopylou Thu 12-Mar-15 20:25:51

There really is something so special about a beautiful garden, the peace and tranquility and a sense of timelessness. Dyrham Park, north of Bath is our nearest NT property and I escape there as often as I can.
20 minutes drive, 20 minutes to walk down to the house while looking out for the deer and I'm chilled smile
An afternoon spent wandering around and I'm in a state of bliss.......
Long live the NT!

Fili Fri 13-Mar-15 05:19:31

Love beautiful places