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Martha Lane Fox on the new digital age

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thatbags Wed 01-Apr-15 09:52:21

Superb Dimbleby lecture, superbly delivered. Do listen.

GillT57 Wed 01-Apr-15 10:25:03

It was excellent

annodomini Wed 01-Apr-15 10:56:30

She was brilliant. She needs to be heard. But - just to trivialise things completely - I was mesmerised by those wonderful earrings! I know - I should have listened to her on the radio.

thatbags Wed 01-Apr-15 11:57:39

Yes, my eyes were on the earrings rather a lot too, anno! grin

ffinnochio Wed 01-Apr-15 12:55:50

Settled down with my sandwich to listen to the lecture. Sadly, BBCi Player is still blocked here.
However, I tracked down the transcript so read it instead of listening to it. She makes a lot of sense about how the future of the internet can (and should) become much more inclusive of those on the margins of technology for one reason or another. Doteveryone says it all.
I think I missed out on actually hearing her delivery, and wish I'd seen those earrings grin

crun Wed 01-Apr-15 15:55:50

Earrings like that make me wince at the thought of them snagging on something.