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I saw something very sweet this morning

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jinglbellsfrocks Sun 19-Apr-15 11:03:17

For a week or two now a little bluetit has been peering at his reflection in my bedroom window, and getting a little bit aggressive with his "rival". When I opened the curtains this morning sure enough, out he came from the apple tree and started his usual ritual. But this time, after a few minutes, another, smaller, bluetit appeared - obviously a female - and gave him two little pecks on the end of his beak. She kissed him! It was as if she was saying, "never mind about him, it's you I love. Now come and help me build this nest". And off they went, together.

smile [sentimental sniff]

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 19-Apr-15 11:05:22

I look forward to little tweetings from the birdbox in a few weeks time. smile

dustyangel Sun 19-Apr-15 11:08:19

Aaah, I like that *jingle] smile

dustyangel Sun 19-Apr-15 11:08:57


TriciaF Sun 19-Apr-15 11:17:33

Cute smile

gillybob Sun 19-Apr-15 11:34:27

Oh that is lovely jings sooooo sweet. smile

I have a chrome water feature at the bottom of my garden (one of those that look like a big polished ball) and because of the rats with wings seagulls we don't get too many garden birds, but yesterday DH and I were mesmerized watching a starling walk round and round the dome looking at his/her reflection stopping periodically to take a drink.

soontobe Sun 19-Apr-15 13:34:20

aw smile

rosesarered Sun 19-Apr-15 14:00:08

What isn't very cute is a large fat wood pigeon that seems to have gone to sleep in our birdbath!it is sitting there fatly and has dozed off in the sunshine.

rosesarered Sun 19-Apr-15 14:03:49

We do seem to have a few feathery imprints of wings on some windows, so it must be attack a rival time (silly things) last week there were two dead birds on the patio, sparrows, so Mr Roses put them at the back of a shrub, and an hour later they had gone, so were only stunned not dead after all.

Ana Sun 19-Apr-15 14:28:07

Apparently sometimes they think a window isn't there and attempt to fly through it. We used to get collared doves regularly crashing into our dining room window but they all seemed to recover (i.e. no bodies found!)

rosesarered Sun 19-Apr-15 14:31:04

A good excuse then, not to keep the windows too clean!

numberplease Sun 19-Apr-15 17:39:06

We once had workmen at our house for almost a day, replacing the large, Georgian style window with a one paned picture window. All the time the window was olut, the cat was coming in and out through the gap. Just after they finished putting the new window in, she jumped up to come in again, and slammed right into the glass! Apart from looking very surprised (and annoyed!) she was fine.