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N E Monsoon wreakes damage in S India

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jollyg Sat 05-Dec-15 03:12:02 for info

NE Monsoon is normally Nov/Dec, but this year the rains have been the worst for 100 years, and life is at a standstill in Madras[ Chennai] with streets full of water , the airport closed. It was built on a flood plain, as were lots of new houses. The water channels are silted up or full of rubbish, allowing no water to escape.

Food is in short supply with 10 times the normal price being asked for essentials.

A major hospital MIOT has no food/ electricity and is without standby gen sets, resulting in patients deaths.

Disposing of the dead will produce problems too, and there is no electricity for the electric ghats, and the wood is too wet for burning of corpses.

Next will come disease and mosquitoes carrying dengue.

With PM Modi visiting UK recently and singing India's praises as a place to do business with as it is a first world power, take it all with a pinch of salt.

Delhi, capitol has worst air quality in the summer so tha authorities are going to vacuum the streets to get rid of the dust.

You could not make that up

thatbags Sat 05-Dec-15 08:33:00

The perils of building on a flood plain, no doubt exacerbated by it's being in an area affected by monsoons.

I hope the people affected are being helped.

rosesarered Sat 05-Dec-15 10:23:31

Just saw the footage on tv, a region that has to put up with a lot, now muddy water everywhere, horrible.

TriciaF Sun 06-Dec-15 10:23:25

Sounds awful - our second son and family live on a hill station in SE India and I know they've had constant rain for weeks now. Although he says it's not so bad for them, as they're on a hill and it all drains off. But probably the electricity is cut often. I must ring him, DiL tends to get depressed and I think I certainly would be depressed.