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What is living at the bottom of my garden.

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tanith Sat 19-Dec-15 15:36:45

At the bottom of our garden there is an area that is under trees that I just plant a few bulbs in and leave mostly to do its own thing, I also have several tree branches and half a hollow trunk thats been lying there for ages , today OH and I noticed that something has sealed up one end of the hollow with leaves and bits and pieces of soil/debris and the other end it had half pulled in leaves and small branches from the conifers , this bit of trunk is about a foot long . So what could be using it as a home?

Later today I noticed that one of the branches had been moved and I could clearly see a round hole about the size of a tin can where the branch had been moved. The thing is we have a family of 3 cats that use our garden as a safe place to hang out away from the neighbouring dogs and they don't seem the least bit interested in this trunk which I'm sure they would be if it were mice or heaven forbid a rat.

I live in the very outskirts of London with lots of fields etc closeby , so I'm guessing maybe a small hedgehog maybe that isn't hibernating because of the mild weather... any other ideas? now OH wants to lash out on a wildlife camera to find out exactly whats going on..

Charleygirl Sat 19-Dec-15 16:12:05

I am not sure if a hedgehog would have the strength to be moving small tree branches but I cannot think of anything else if the cats are not too bothered. The smell of a fox would send them flying.

hildajenniJ Sat 19-Dec-15 16:35:01

I would watch the log at sunset and early in the morning. If something is using it as a den or lair they are most likely to be nocturnal. I think that you will see any activity then. I think a hedgehog is unlikely as they cannot move large obstacles. I am intrigued, and will watch for updates with interest.

tanith Sat 19-Dec-15 16:36:23

Its too small for a fox Charleygirl they are only small bits of tree more like twigs really I just wasn't sure if a hedgehog would go to so much trouble to hide I thought they just roll themselves under a pile of leaves... maybe we'll have to get that camera to find out.

shysal Sat 19-Dec-15 16:52:05

My guess would be a hedgehog. Trail cameras are great for wildlife watching.

loopylou Sat 19-Dec-15 16:56:08

Hopefully a hedgehog but possibly a vole or stoat? I think rats go down runs into the ground, or a compost bin, and don't surface nest.

Elegran Sat 19-Dec-15 17:30:34

A vole or stoat would have a smaller hole than a tin can. Sounds like a confused hedghog to me, who thinks it is still autumn and has only juist started to snuggle down. He/she has picked a nice spot with a solid wood surround and plenty of leaves to keep him/her warm.

The wildlife camera would get some great pictures.

tanith Sat 19-Dec-15 18:14:18

Thanks for all the suggestions I think I'll just let OH get the camera and see what appears...

Elegran Sat 19-Dec-15 18:20:11

He'll enjoy himself.

tanith Sat 19-Dec-15 18:37:15

I could maybe buy him it for Christmas but I have no idea what I'm looking for there are so many 'trail cameras' any help at all?

trisher Sat 19-Dec-15 18:59:05

Might be fairies??? (Know nothing about wildlife) tchgrin

Elegran Sat 19-Dec-15 19:08:57

I'll pm you about the one I bought, Tanith I can give you a link to some shots that I put on Youtube.

tanith Sat 19-Dec-15 19:43:42

Thank you Elegran that would be most helpful...

rosequartz Sat 19-Dec-15 19:48:46

Is the fairy still on your Christmas tree? Ours looks most disgruntled to be woken from her slumber.

Seriously, I would think a large hedgehog, could they push small branches?

trisher Sun 20-Dec-15 14:28:43

Just thought it isn't Santa's Elves is it?

tanith Sun 20-Dec-15 14:31:27

Good idea trisher.. I haven't got my tree and decs down from the loft yet rosequartz.

stillhere Sun 20-Dec-15 15:20:44

It sounds like a hedgehog, we had a hedgehog house in our herb garden and it was built out of twigs and small branchlets, in the shape of an igloo. I was very impressed.

PRINTMISS Sun 20-Dec-15 15:55:27

Hedgehogs are able to move things around, we used to have a couple in our garden at our old home, and they would push quite heavy dishes about if there was not food left out, and they do like to settle "into" something, so perhaps that is what you have "tanith". Wouldn't it be lovely, though if it were to be fairies and elves. Do you have any toad-stalls?

tanith Sun 20-Dec-15 17:08:36

Does Mushrooms count PRINTMISS? We had lots in November. I'm tempted to make elf doors on the trees nearby for fun.

Like these.