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Cherrytree59 Thu 05-Jul-18 18:23:28

How sad sad
Whilst on holiday in the Canaries when our children were young (early 1990s), we enjoyed a day out on a catamaran turtle watching.
The guide was very interesting.
The thing that stayed with me over the years was his remark that these lovely creatures may not be around for our children's children or grandchildren watch happily swimminging in the sea .

Elegran Thu 05-Jul-18 17:36:35

In October 2014 I started a thread entitled "I bet you have never heard of the vaquita - there are less than 100 left."

My post said "There are many endangered species, and some get more column inches that others. We hear much about pandas but here is another animal in even more danger of extinction.

^The Baiji Yangtze dolphin has been finally declared extinct after declining steadily. The next on the list of marine mammals to vanish will be the little Vaquita. There are less than 100 left, and their only habitat is at the inner end of the Gulf of California.^

They get caught in the fine mesh of the fishermen's gill nets. Grants to the fishermen to replace their gill nets have not worked - the next hopeful plan is to persuade them to replace their gill nets with a new design of dolphin-friendly net. Time is running out.

Now I see that there are only 12 left. It is probably too late for the vaquitas.