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Environmental issues

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AlieOxon Thu 22-Nov-18 17:18:21

I've recently been finding out just how much goes on around South Oxfordshire about how to help the environment - wow! How is your area doing?

- and I read and heard these today: David Attenborough on climate
New uses for waste!

annodomini Thu 22-Nov-18 17:34:55

DS2, who also lives in South Oxfordshire, is into Green issues. they have an electric car, although also a larger petrol model for longer journeys. They changed to a green energy supplier; he uses a bike to ride from Paddington to his office and his newly extended house is very well insulated, but they missed a trick - in my opinion - by not having solar panels installed when they had the work done. On my visits, I have always admired the recycling system in that area which, I believe, is one of the best, if not the best in England. Cheshire East, our authority is not far behind and will catch up, hopefully next year, when they add a food waste collection.

MissAdventure Thu 22-Nov-18 17:50:33

I don't believe my council could be doing at all well.
If they are, it would be a first at doing anything well!

Jalima1108 Thu 22-Nov-18 18:14:03

I thought there was a food waste collection everywhere!
Our council has been doing that for years.

MissAdventure Thu 22-Nov-18 18:29:14

Round at my mums, food waste was a huge deal.
Always getting told off for putting the wrong food in the wrong bag and so on.
Where I live, same council.
Nothing. Just two great wheely bins outside, not marked for pink or black bags.

MissAdventure Thu 22-Nov-18 18:31:20

We did have a glass recycling bin put on the grass outside for a while, but the grasscutters kept going around it, and we kept complaining.
So, they came and took the bin away!

MissAdventure Thu 22-Nov-18 18:33:35

And this..

PamelaJ1 Thu 22-Nov-18 18:37:14

We don’t have food collection here.
On our local TV news today was an item on an app that helps you to decide if an item is recyable. Or not.
You take a photo and the app tells you if it is or isn’t.
Sounds good BUT it was shown an empty water bottle which it declared was partially recyclable.
Which bits and do you have to disassemble it? It’s not clever enough to impart that information.
So IMO a bit useless then.

Telly Thu 22-Nov-18 19:32:59

I was thinking about environmental issues today. Almost all of my neighbours have a 4 x 4 or at least one vehicle that looks like one. Why don't younger people care more? How it is possible to keep their heads in the sand with all that is going on??