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Greta Thunberg

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Alexa Mon 04-Mar-19 11:36:44

"Action to fight global warming is coming whether world leaders like it or not, school student Greta Thunberg has told the UN climate change summit, accusing them of behaving like irresponsible children.

Thunberg began a solo climate protest by striking from school in Sweden in August. But more than 20,000 students around the world have now joined her. The school strikes have spread to at least 270 towns and cities in countries across the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the US and Japan."

Might we hope that school children's demonstrations will inject some fervour for truth into politicians?

lmm6 Mon 01-Apr-19 22:03:41

Totally agree with you, Alexa. Did you watch Blue Planet Live? Chris Packham's little speech at the end was very touching. Basically he said that many years ago a space ship was sent into the far reaches of space carrying messages from Earth. After the spaceship has travelled billions of miles, nobody and nothing has contacted us. He said we are a tiny blue planet in the darkness of space and nobody is coming to our aid. SO, we have to help ourselves save our beautiful world. I nearly cried.