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tanith Thu 10-Sep-20 11:20:31

Earlier this year I was posting about lack of bees on my beans, I just found there were dozens on my floweringng Hebe including a huge Bumble bee I counted 5 different types. Fascinating watch this morning.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 10-Sep-20 12:20:14

I love watching them. This morning I’ve been digging up my bearded iris boarder and repotting them in containers.

I’m replanting the boarder with bee loving plants that flower from July to October with luck.

silverlining48 Thu 10-Sep-20 12:35:11

Bees seem to love purple flowers. We have lots on those, especially the tall purple salvia (?) which we have never planted but which grows all over our garden ( south east).

We saved a big one yesterday, it was just sitting on the grass not moving. We gave it some sugar and plain water, kept checking on it, it stayed a long while but had gone last night. Wishing it well.

midgey Thu 10-Sep-20 12:37:23

I have tried to dig up my verbena bonairienis (sp?) so many has self seeded every where but it’s always covered with bees.

MamaCaz Thu 10-Sep-20 12:54:46

We've had no shortage of bees here this year. Had to get a beekeeper to collect this swarm!

MamaCaz Thu 10-Sep-20 12:57:17

I should add that youngest dgd is fascinated by bees, and we spend a lot of time looking for them in the garden. We've had a wide variety this year, but luckily in smaller numbers than in the pic above!

Parsley3 Thu 10-Sep-20 14:36:45

You can adopt a garden bumblebee at
It makes a lovely wee gift.

silverlining48 Thu 10-Sep-20 16:40:34

Have just noticed our solitary bees are back digging their holes in the grass right by the front door. They come every sept and then they go. Don’t bite and aren’t aggressive.

Esspee Thu 10-Sep-20 17:16:58

I have tried to ensure that my garden is a haven for bees for as long a season as possible. This year from late winter the place has been buzzing but in the last couple of weeks the bee population is much reduced. Can anyone suggest why?

dustyangel Thu 10-Sep-20 17:40:31

We didn’t have any bees at all last year which I found worrying and this year there weren’t any early but in the last month they’ve started appearing again. It seems late to me but at least some have arrived.
The wasps were early and we had a lot. Very strong winds here then which seemed to annoy them and one stung me on the nose when I was innocently hanging out washing. angry

craftyone Thu 10-Sep-20 17:44:33

I had hundreds of bumble bees, was worried there would not be any as it was a builders site last year. Borage did it and I am growing it again next year. I am doing my best to have a bee-friendly garden, catmint, lavender, rudbekias, comfrey etc It paid off this year, I like doing my bit to help the bees