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Fascinating nature! Arachnophobes look away (tho' u wdn't know it's a spider)

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Baggs Mon 22-Mar-21 17:07:00

A spider's "paw" is called a tarsus, and it's only one of eight parts that make up a rather complicated leg. They also have claws attached to the paws, but legs also work as ears and nose picking up subtle changes in the air to hear and recognize smells.

Redhead56 Mon 22-Mar-21 17:30:59

When I go out with the dog or just in the garden I take close up pics of insects they fascinate me.

vampirequeen Mon 22-Mar-21 18:52:58

Wow they're brilliant. I had no idea spiders feet were so cute. I love spiders.

Greyduster Mon 22-Mar-21 19:10:36

I actually - by accident - managed to capture a spider spinning silk. I don’t even think I was trying to photograph the spider, but there it was. I’m quite fond of spiders too!

EllanVannin Mon 22-Mar-21 19:39:13

I liked watching cicadas hatching, then they leave behind, their suit of armour, ( big crispy shells )----which I tormented the ex SiL with grin because he didn't like insects and was horrible to my D.

I love nature and everything to do with it, it's fascinating.