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Do all bees sting?

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MayBee70 Wed 20-Apr-22 15:28:12

Currently looking after my daughters dog and have found a bee behind the blinds in the living room. Couldn’t catch it to put outside so I killed it. I hate doing that but I’ve heard of dogs dying after bee stings and one of my dogs had to be rushed to the vet after a wasp sting. Do all bees sting? I couldn’t risk leaving her in the room with it as I go home for a few hours each day. I always have Piriton with me in case of stings but I couldn’t risk it. I’m so careful about shutting the door after I let her out, too, but they seem to get in so quickly.

Petera Wed 20-Apr-22 15:38:24

No, but I suspect if you recognised it as a bee then it was a honey bee or bumblebee which both sting.

If you want to move them gently put some honey or sugar water on a teaspoon and push it under them from the front. They taste through their 'feet' and they will then happily stay there while you take them outside.

MayBee70 Wed 20-Apr-22 15:46:01

It was behind some plantation shutters and I didn’t know how to remove them. I’ll remember that about the sugar water, though. Thanks.

Callistemon21 Wed 20-Apr-22 15:54:56

Or buy a spider catcher, it works for bees too if you are gentle and careful:

Other retailers available

One of our dogs used to catch wasps and bees and used to get stung but he recovered quickly. His jowls would swell up.

MayBee70 Wed 20-Apr-22 15:58:18

Yes, I did think about getting a spider catcher. I’m a bit paranoid about the sound of buzzing because years ago I heard a buzzing sound coming from a basket of washing I’d brought in from the washing line and found a drowsy bee inside my son’s jeans!

Callistemon21 Wed 20-Apr-22 16:06:26

I've caught lots and released them, trying to put them on a flower.
If they look at death's door I give them sugar water on a teaspoon, as Petera suggested.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 20-Apr-22 16:15:49

I give them honey.

ExDancer Wed 20-Apr-22 17:15:16

My gran used to pick up the big black and yellow bumble bees and put them outside, saying they didn't sting. I never tested her wisdom myself though. smile

LadyGracie Wed 20-Apr-22 17:22:33

I always put a fly swat in front of their front legs and gently move it to touch their legs, they walk onto it then can be put of a window or door.

Juliet27 Wed 20-Apr-22 17:29:43

I’ve had a couple of wasps in the bedroom. Definitely wasps although it’s so early. Happens each year at this time - maybe looking for a new home to start a ‘colony’. My dog while out was stung on his flank which swelled up and he was reluctant to keep walking for a while. He still moves to the other side of the pavement to avoid where the wasp nest was.

MayBee70 Wed 20-Apr-22 17:33:19

My last whippet literally swelled up all over. It was frightening.

mokryna Wed 20-Apr-22 17:46:24

Although you asked about bees, I read this interesting article from the Guardain. Stinging wasps are precious, not pointless, say scientists

There are about 22,000 species of bees. “Wasps are the ancestor of bees, so bees are wasps that have forgotten how to hunt,” said Sumner.