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Sago Mon 30-May-22 07:50:26

We are currently staying in a converted orangerie attached a beautiful château in Calvados.
There is a robot mower constantly up, down and round the huge lawn in front of our windows, it was a source of irritation at first,then we realised birds have cottoned on that this machine is of no threat to them and the vibrations are enticing up their worms and grubs.
Yesterday we saw an very exotic looking specimen pecking away, it was a beautiful Hoopoe!
We have seen this stunning crested bird twice now, I’m hoping to get a picture or a video.

H1954 Mon 30-May-22 07:54:54

That sounds an amazing location Sago. Good luck with getting a photo of the Hoopoe and please share it if you are lucky, I'm sure other GNetters would love to see it too.