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Salisbury Peregrines - anyone else watching?

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AreWeThereYet Sun 05-Jun-22 20:11:34

Is anyone else watching the Salisbury peregrines growing up in the Cathedral? Probably not for anyone who gets upset at the death of other creatures, or gets queasy watching them eat, but it's fascinating to me watching those balls of fluff grow into beautiful, powerful birds. Also peregrines in a Woking tower block.

MiniMoon Sun 05-Jun-22 20:46:45

I'm watching the Wakefield Cathedral peregrines. 4 chicks, 2 males and 2 females. I'm captivated.
I'm also an osprey watcher. I found them during the 2020 lockdown and have been watching them ever since.

AreWeThereYet Sun 05-Jun-22 21:02:53

I'll check the Wakefield ones MiniMoon, I didn't know about them.

Woking has just two chicks now, one died a few days ago. Salisbury had four this morning, a bit older than the Woking ones, but this afternoon I can only see three ☹️ One was sitting outside on the ledge this morning and I'm hoping he hasn't fallen off.

Septimia Sun 05-Jun-22 21:23:41

I've been watching the ones at Nottingham Trent University over the course of several years; also, via the Hawk and Owl Trust I watch the ones in Bath (one lost, the other 3 fledging) and at Norwich (a couple of weeks behind the others, so still white and fluffy).

AreWeThereYet Mon 06-Jun-22 13:44:48

Happy to see the four chicks at Salisbury again - the fourth must have been in hiding all afternoon yesterday ? Back in their positions, one on the ledge, one on the fence, 2 in the nestbox

AreWeThereYet Mon 06-Jun-22 17:51:10

The Salisbury chicks seem to be a bit older than any of the others I've seen. The Nottingham/Wakefield/ Woking chicks look like they are about the same age. The Salisbury chicks look like they might fledge in the near future.