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Wasps nest

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Daisymae Wed 20-Jul-22 14:09:25

I've a wasp nest in the garden. Friends coming to lunch tomorrow, any ideas on how to keep them away for a couple of hours? The wasps that is!

Jaxjacky Wed 20-Jul-22 14:20:12

Sit indoors maybe? Wasps do their own thing, I wouldn’t risk it.

Daisymae Wed 20-Jul-22 14:31:47


Sit indoors maybe? Wasps do their own thing, I wouldn’t risk it.

Yes, that's plan B. I've got a citronella candle but it's years old. Thanks

BlueBelle Wed 20-Jul-22 14:34:30

They probably won’t bother you if someone doesn’t disturbed the nest
Obviously if you start to see more than the odd one flying out retreat indoors but they won’t be aggressive unless they are disturbed

lixy Wed 20-Jul-22 14:36:57

We have a wasps nest too and decided to leave it where it is as we don't have resident children or pets.

They didn't bother us at a recent family gathering, though the food was in another part of the garden. But I agree that eating inside is a good idea if you're worried at all. Would also advise against bare feet just in case one is on the grass.

So far we have co-existed happily - they eat the greenfly! As they get dozier in the Autumn I will need to be much more careful.

MaizieD Wed 20-Jul-22 14:38:50

Give them something to eat near the nest so they don't come and try to share your lunch. A little dollop of jam or similar...

They aren't really aggressive but it's not much fun having them buzzing around you and your food.

Daisymae Thu 21-Jul-22 08:47:46

Thanks for the ideas. I'm inclined to leave them alone longer term if I can. They are popping over to the pond pot for a drink ?. I've left them water nearer to home so we will have to wait and see. Someone else said Lemon and cloves. Thanks again

Beautful Thu 21-Jul-22 09:01:16

Need to sort it out ... I know people say leave it, but will only get bigger ... I have had a few in all ... may seem cruel but could burn it ... my son did mine ( depends where it is obviously) or get a professional to get rid of it or to tidy you over as longer as no flames around ... could you get some wasp spray & spray it ? ... although be careful ...... your decision

Seabear Thu 21-Jul-22 13:21:55

It is a really REALLY bad idea to spray a wasp nest if you are not a professional pest controller. They will just go straight for you and you will get badly stung. And as for setting it on fire...words fail me.

Daisymae Thu 21-Jul-22 22:26:49

Thanks, I'm going to have to get it sorted. Long story but dog got stung and can't go on all summer like this.

VioletSky Thu 21-Jul-22 22:36:29

We used homemade wasp traps. You cut a bottle in half, put a few inches of coke in the bottle, and then put the top back in upside down. They can't get back out, and die on a sugar high. We placed it away from where we like to eat outside.

Horribly, as they die they send out an sos and and trap their own friends.

Normally I'm.not for harming the wildlife but wasps are just awful