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Catastrophic effects of climate change are 'dangerously unexplored', experts warn

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StarDreamer Mon 01-Aug-22 22:11:20

LINK > Catastrophic effects of climate change are 'dangerously unexplored', experts warn

Please discuss.

StarDreamer Mon 01-Aug-22 22:31:25

From the web page.

> "We must do the math of disaster in order to avoid it."

The thing about such situations and their mathematical models is that they may include one or more positive feedback loops.

An everyday example, when someone using a sound amplifer and places a micrphone near a loudspeaker and there is that howl as a tiny noise is amplified then get amplified, then the ampified sound is amplified and so on and very quickly the howl screeches out.

Sometimes heard on a television or radio phone-in programme when the caller has not turned the sound off on the television or radio in his or her home while on the call.

Caleo Mon 01-Aug-22 22:38:10

It's amazing what we come to think of as normal and don't bother to act on it. It's as if the climate danger were only a sad and boring story.

There's another article that's the same theme. Flying to a holiday destination is being normalised in the press and other media. I have a friend who is a primary school teacher and goes whale watching and beach cleaning, teaching children to care for nature, and yet she also flew to Majorca.

GagaJo Mon 01-Aug-22 23:44:20

I firmly believe the world is going to become a dystopia, within our children or our grandchildren's lifetime.

FarNorth Mon 01-Aug-22 23:48:38

I think so too GagaJo.
It would take massive political will to sort it, and that isn't there.