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Moonrise, Loch Lomond.

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Esspee Sat 13-Aug-22 13:30:11

10 o’clock last night and as the moon rose it looked like the sun which at this time of year also rises over Conic Hill from our vantage point.
The magnification gives the photo the appearance of oil on canvas.

Cs783 Sat 13-Aug-22 13:42:33

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Esspee Sat 13-Aug-22 16:27:50

If you are feeling uncomfortable in the heat just imagine yourself there, a little chill in the air, surrounded by the cool water of the Loch.

Baggs Sat 13-Aug-22 16:41:46

Ooooh! Lovely. I love the moon 'aura'. Might try and paint that one day

MissAdventure Sat 13-Aug-22 16:49:52

I used to love travelling along the edge of the loch, winding in and out on the road. smile
To say I'm envious is an understatement.
Its lovely to see it again, thank you.

paddyann54 Sat 13-Aug-22 16:57:21

There were a lot of folk out to capture shots of the supermoon last night .If theres even a suspicion of the Aurora every parking space is packed with camera's and FB is filled with the results the next morning .
One of my friends got a shot last night with a saltire shape cloude formation under it so it was immediately renamed the Sturgeon moon....the comments under it were hilarious about Truss insisting on knowing why/how Nic got a MOON called after if Vogue ..twice... wasn't bad enough .
Its a beautiful place to be on a still dark night ,I'm very happy you get to enjoy it at its best .