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Attenborough's Frozen Planet and Climate Change

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volver Mon 17-Oct-22 09:23:55

I wondered if anyone had seen the last episode of Frozen Plant last night?

The penguin chicks freezing to death because of global warming, and the Adelie Penguin colony that is no more. The Inuit hunters' way of life disappearing. The forecast that if ice in the Antarctic keeps melting at the current rate we will see a seven metre rise in sea level.

Any thoughts?

volver Mon 17-Oct-22 12:29:24

No takers today ☹️

NotSpaghetti Mon 17-Oct-22 12:40:18

I saw it.
It's more of the same. I feel holding to the COP agreement is too little.

Sparklefizz Mon 17-Oct-22 12:53:03

I watched it and it was absolutely terrifying. I had to turn it off in the end because I didn't want to go to bed feeling in such despair. I think it should be shown in every school.

ixion Mon 17-Oct-22 12:54:35

I watched it.
I found it profoundly moving and the most powerful testimony to global warming I have seen thus far.

shoppinggirl Mon 17-Oct-22 12:58:18

The sight of the penguin chicks reduced me to tears and I'm ashamed of how we've wrecked our planet. The sad thing is that scientists feel it could be reversible but are world leaders listening? Alas, I feel it isn't a priority for them

MayBee70 Fri 04-Nov-22 09:54:49

I’m dog sitting at my daughters and put Frozen Planet on catchup and watched the whole series. I’ve always been ok with wildlife programmes even when they obviously show animals being killed because they have to eat and it’s the nature of things. But watching Frozen Planet last night depressed and infuriated me. I dread to think how David Attenborough feels because, like me he knows he won’t be around to see how all this turns out. It was worrying to see Killer Whales preying on Leopard Seals because once a top predator starts to target a different prey it has far reaching effects on the ecosystem. Years ago I had a friend who worked in the Antarctic studying the hole in the ozone layer. When we stopped using that gas in aerosols the ozone layer ( I assume) repaired itself. All these years on and I feel as if we’ve sleep walked into this. Why try to colonise Mars when we have the most beautiful planet possible to live on? Look at how, when we had lockdowns, the earth started to heal itself. Why aren’t we doing more? I despair.