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JPB123 Thu 09-Mar-23 07:40:06

Does anyone else get excited when snow is in the weather forecast? As long as I don’t have to travel in it ,I love it.

merlotgran Thu 09-Mar-23 08:05:38

At this time of the year? No thank you.

I want spring sunshine.

fancythat Thu 09-Mar-23 08:07:37

No. I feel like I got over it about 10 years ago.

Marydoll Thu 09-Mar-23 08:08:23

My heart sinks! I hate it!
When it snows here, we are usually stuck and it causes all sorts of problems.

Schools here rarely close, so in the past, it meant walking to school in terrible conditions, with a chronic lung condition.
If the snow started later in the day and school had to close early, I was always last out, because I lived closest, to ensure every child was picked up!

In saying that, I do like the view of my garden from my conservatory, when it snows as long as I don't have to go out!

Redhead56 Thu 09-Mar-23 09:13:41

It’s snowing here today and no I am not impressed it hinders every plan I had for the next few days.

Blossoming Thu 09-Mar-23 09:19:19

Yes JPB123, I love to see it looking so beautiful. It does make my life very difficult though so I don’t like it to stick around for too long.

Serendipity22 Thu 09-Mar-23 09:39:39

Yes I too like to see snow .... Id rather have snow opposed to horrendous heat wave.
It doesn't faze me having to drive in it. My house is in Yorkshire and opposite us are fields and a farm, smoking chimneys and with snow on the ground it is absolutely beautiful..


Farzanah Thu 09-Mar-23 10:01:07

We have at least 3” here in Shropshire today.
It’s a bit like visitors for me. Fun the first day, hard work the second, and a nuisance the third, longing for normal service to resume!

Kate1949 Thu 09-Mar-23 10:05:46

No. It's horrible. We are trapped here today.

MiniMoon Thu 09-Mar-23 10:16:04

As long as I don't have to go out in it, I do love to see snow falling. We don't have any here, there gave been a few flakes this morning, but the sun is shining now.

pascal30 Thu 09-Mar-23 10:20:16

Ilove seeing snow fall as well Minimoon.. but we had just a flurry yesterday and rain today.. which is odd as surrounding areas north of here have a couple of inches

Yammy Thu 09-Mar-23 10:23:35

No snow here in a pocket of the North West !!!! We can see the Northern end of the Pennines they are capped and look beautiful though I would not want to be among them.

lixy Thu 09-Mar-23 10:24:00

Snow here today - lovely to see but hope it goes asap as I really don't like the grubby slush that hangs around for days sometimes.
Yes, I do still get excited by snow - there's something quite magical about it.

ginny Thu 09-Mar-23 10:38:53

Snow here in N. Bucks. If anyone wants it , you are welcome.As I have said before, lovely to look at when it first settles but off you go now.

SueRosie Thu 09-Mar-23 10:43:01

We've got snow here in Stoke. The ground is covered and it's still snowing hard. I was supposed to go to Liverpool this morning for an infusion for my chronic pain, but I have had to cancel.

Wyllow3 Thu 09-Mar-23 10:44:19

Snow here in S Yorks. iIts pretty like a winder wonderland but the roads have all been gritted

Yes rather have a bright sunny warm day but here its been day, after day, or grey gloom, not even rain.

So I will enjoy it from indoors as really need a day resting anyway and it will only last a day or two. There's always a bit of magic for me as long as it doesn't linger.

timetogo2016 Thu 09-Mar-23 10:56:22

It only belongs on Christmas cards imo.